When the roof leaks it is no fun for the residents. One should not have to walk around indoors with an umbrella open to keep from getting soaking wet. One should also not have to have a designated bucket in the home to capture the water that is coming into the house. When a roof leaks most people know that there is a problem with the roof. When one does have a leak in your roof it is a primary indicator that there is something wrong with the roof

What most people do not know is that a roof is not just constructed of shingles. There is a type of waterproof metal called flashing that directs the water away from the roof. When that waterproof metal gets a hole in it or a crack in it the metal cannot do its job of redirecting the water and the water comes into the home. The main purpose of the waterproof metal is to add another layer of protection and keep water out. Without this added layer of protection, water is easily able to come into the house and cause damage. This would take an expert from Roof replacement plano tx to be able to tell you if that is the cause of the roof leaking.

Another common cause of a roof leaking is broken shingles. Shingles are the first defense to keep water out of the home. If one has cracked or missing shingles water can leak into the home. It is important for the homeowner to inspect their roof to see if there are missing or cracked shingles present on the roof. This is especially important after a strong storm or hurricane. More often or not if one is missing shingles it is after a storm. Strong storms and hurricanes are the most common reasons a roof will have missing or cracked shingles.

Another cause of a leaky roof is clogged gutters. Gutters are on the house to direct water away from the home. If the gutters are not cleaned on a regular basis the water is trapped in the gutters. As more water continues to fill up the gutters the water will eventually end up on the roof. The water standing on the roof will weaken the structure of the roof. This will eventually lead to the roof leaking and allowing water to come into the home.

When one does have a leaky roof one needs to have a professional come out and find out what the problem is. The professionals at Roof replacement plano tx can come out and see what they can do to fix the problem. It might be as simple as just replacing the shingles that are cracked or missing. If there is damage to the flashing, then they are able to replace it where the flashing is damaged. They will not have to replace all of the flashings on the roof, just the damaged part.

There may be times due to wear and tear that the roof does need to be replaced.

The professional roofer can advise one if that is the case, and what materials to use. Some materials do last longer than others. For instance, a metal roof versus the traditional shingle roof does last much longer than a roof that has shingles. If it is just a repair that is needed the professional will be able to advise one on that as well. Costs can be compared for both options, and the professional can advise one on the best way to go. Of course one also likes to have a roof that is pleasing to the eye and fits with the overall structure. The Roof replacement plano tx has several options to choose from as far as materials and colors go.