Artificial grass Colorado Springs has gained a lot of popularity, and people all over are considering laying this grass the next time they redo their lawn. Although budget is important while making any purchase, it’s not the only thing you should consider when getting artificial grass laid. Even if you have no clue with regards to what you should look for, here are some key factors worth considering.


Traffic refers to the amount of footfall that will hit the artificial grass once it’s installed. Families with kids and pets should always consider installing durable artificial turf that can handle a lot of wear and tear. One of the differences between highly durable turfs and the ones that are less durable is the quality. A durable turf will feel slightly harder in comparison to one that is delicate. However, they both look beautiful and will add a lot of beauty to your lawn.


If you don’t have a lot of footfall, then you need to look at the quality of turf you are investing in. Polypropylene or polyamide turf is known to be good quality and really soft to touch. These feel almost like real grass and have a fantastic consistent color. Although this turf is a little more expensive than regular turf, it an excellent investment if there isn’t going to be too much footfall on the lawn. Remember, this turf is slightly delicate in comparison to regular turf, and if you are in it for the aesthetic appeal, then this is the kind of grass you should choose.

Pile Height

The pile height refers to the height or the length of the grass you get laid. While some people like it a little shorter, others want a taller pile. The shorter the pile, the longer it will last because this pile is less likely to get damaged. An ideal height could be anywhere between 30 to 37 mm. No matter what height you choose, it is vital for you to brush the turf to keep the grass looking beautiful regularly.


Another factor to consider is the color of the artificial grass. While people believe green is the only available shade, there are different shades of green, including lime green, olive green, and dark green that you can invest in. This is a personal preference, and you can choose which one you want once you have taken a look at them all.

No matter what turf you choose, it is essential for you to remember that maintaining it and ensuring that the turf is laid in the right way is what matters the most. Even a regular quality artificial turf installed correctly will outlast any other turf that maybe of supreme quality but incorrectly installed.