Far too many Portland homeowners replace the gutters on their home well before the expected 20-year life expectancy. It’s often neglect that results in the need for replacement gutters.  Out of sight, out of mind is not the appropriate mindset for any homeowner who wants their home to maintain appeal and integrity over the years.

Regular gutter cleaning reduces the potential damage that causes the need for premature replacement service. Recommended only twice per year, gutter cleaning service removes sticks, dirt, leaves, pine needles, and other debris that falls from trees and accumulates inside of the gutters. Clogged gutters cause trouble for many households in Portland.

This debris weighs the gutters down, which may result in the gutter collapsing.  Dirty gutters attract pests like birds and mosquitos, certainly a big nuisance to any homeowner. Dirty gutters also cause water drainage issues that may result in leaks that damage the soffit, fascia and other areas of the roof, as well as the home’s foundation.

Why Clean the Gutters?

Cleaning the gutters twice per year keeps the debris out of the gutters and away from your home, eliminating the risk of the dangers we discussed above. Homeowners sleep better at night when there’s less worry. Clean gutters provide peace of mind and certainty in your home.

Not only do clean gutters help maintain the property’s beauty, but they also protect the gutter system and the need for replacement before the 20-year-average lifetime mark. Homeowners save significant amounts of money by arranging gutter cleaning services on a regular basis versus the costs of replacing gutters.

Cost of Gutter Replacement in Portland

Gutters cost an average price of $4 to $40 per linear square foot. This equals a cost of at least $1,600  for a gutter replacement for a home. Consider the cost of gutter cleaning, on the other hand, which averages a rate of $208 for a single-story home. That is a significant difference in price that any homeowner can appreciate.

We’ll take care of all your gutter cleaning needs in Portland, preventing the need for premature replacement. Request your free estimate today and allow us the chance to help protect your home and the gutters!

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