Moving to a new place is usually something that you take time to plan and make necessary arrangements. You could even take a whole year planning and putting things in order. However, you may be facing an imminent move where you have no time to do all you’ve wanted to do. Packing is the most time-consuming process and therefore you have to plan properly. The magical trick here is to save a little time here and there and in the end, you will realize you’ve worked with less time than expected.

Continue reading and get some tips on how to save time during a move

Start packing as early as possible.

It is very important to start packing as early as possible. This will help you avoid the last-minute rush. Do not mind the time left for your journey to kick-off, just start your packing and do your work and keep an eye on the time left for you to pack.

Come up with a weekly planner.

Create your schedule of all items and work that needs to be done before your moving time. Divide this into tasks that you need to do weekly. Pack bit by bit until you finish as per your schedule.

Do not pack everything

You don’t have to carry the perishables and even fragile items. Sell them to your neighbors or second-hand market. You can also donate some of the things that you don’t need.

Prepare your packing materials

Collect all packing materials that you may require to make your packing work easy. Some you can buy from the local shop. Before you buy these materials, ensure that you get all that you can get for free and only buy what is necessary.

Request your friends to help you pack.

Friends can help you a lot. As the saying goes ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’ your real friends will set time to help you pack even out of their busy schedule. You cannot do it all alone and that’s why you need more manpower to help you. Some items are heavy to be handled by one person. Packing is a very boring task and therefore you need to entice; get some pizza for them and treat them with some coffee. This ensures that you are ready before the moving company arrives.

Pack your essential items separately

The items that are very important to you should not be packed at the furthest corner. You need to put them in one box where you can easily reach when you need them. Keep your medicine, snacks and other valuables within reach.

You don’t have to spend all the time packing. You may be constrained due to strict timelines especially when you have to report in your new workstation. Therefore, it is prudent that you save as much time as you can. Get free labor; from friends and family members; this will help you save time and money. Again, saving time doesn’t mean doing it in haste, nope- be careful and ensure every item is packed in the best way possible to ensure it doesn’t break or get damaged.