A nice rug can complete any room or even an outdoor setting. Rugs are expensive so keeping them looking clean and new will always be a top priority. While cleaning stains when they happen is a good idea every three to five years you should think about getting your rug professionally cleaned. In this article we will give you some advice when looking for the first time for a good rug cleaning company.


First thing you need to check while researching a cleaning company is to see how long they have been in business. The longer the business has been open and running the more experience the company will have as a whole. While it might seem strange to ask a rug cleaner how long they have been in business this is crucial to your search and also how they answer can tell you a lot of how they are as a business.

Customer feedback and reputation

Most companiestoday will have online reviews. The reviews can tell you a few things about a business. But the quality of reviews can tell you more. When looking at reviews don’t look at the sheer number. Look for more recent reviews to get a better picture of how the company is today not how they were in the past, like people companies can change overtime so if a bad review is listed from 5 years ago this review might not be valid anymore.

Also check for the quality of review people tend to make less sense when writing a review of low quality. A review with quality will give you not just the reasons for the review but also guide you to why they chose to give x amount of stars for a business. Also companies that respond to reviews and view them as feedback are generally seen in a kinder light then those that choose to respond negatively. Companies have called out users for posting fake reviews as well.

Fake reviews are out there as well, so keep an eye out for extraordinary claims made by someone reviewing the business. These reviewers are seeking to destroy business reputations and do not try to help the end user. In the end these reviews should not be considered when looking up who to work with.


Value comes down to a lot more than just how much something costs. It also has to do with how long that item lasts or the overall value it brings to you. Going with the cheapest option for a rug cleaner may seem like a good idea, but if they ruin the rug you are trying to get cleaned then this defeats the purpose of the rug cleaning all together. Another thing to consider is does the company pick up the rug or do you have to bring it in? These are all factors you need to look at when you are choosing your new rug cleaning company. For example if you were looking for a rug cleaning Houston company  there might be more value in a company that is willing to come pick up your rug from you.

Cleaning method

Cleaning method’s very with companies and on the type of rug material. While cleaning with water is not the most environmentally friendly way it gets the job done and can remove all of the grime from your rugs. Companies are coming up with ways to clean your carpet and rugs that are more environmentally friendly. This also means that your rug takes less time to dry than in the previous methods getting them back into your home sooner. This process also could cost more depending on the carpet cleaner you choose.

Repeat business

The final thing to look at would be how many people go back to that business time and time again. Being able to keep customers is key for a business to stay afloat. The best way to do that is keeping your customers happy.

Use these tips while looking for your next rug cleaning company and you will get excellent service at a great rate.