Commercial interior design is an integral part of any business. It affects how your employees behave, how important visitors view your brand and even the impression given to in demand graduates. Yes, the whole appearance and layout of your office could make the difference between a fresh graduate opting to join your company or your competitors.

As a seasoned commercial interior design services firm, we have seen the attraction of such designs. In this article, we will take a look at a couple of commercial interior design trends that are currently finding favour with the recent batches of university graduates.In doing so, we hope to explain what these students are looking for in a workplace and give you ideas on how to meet these hopes.

Being Connected to Nature

Biophilic design styles are highly influence by the aesthetics of natural environments such as trees, waterfalls and also cliffs. It is thought that by being near designs that resemble such elements, we as individuals are better able to reconnect to nature. This in turn helps to soothe anxiety as well as stress while additionally stimulating us to perform at a high level.

Biophilic Style features in commercial rooms consist of that of interior waterfalls, yards and environment-friendly wall surfaces. When combined with more soft shades and also materials, these features are cost-free to take spotlight and also to inhabit our attention. With these all-natural features, you can see such features as a being a quick getaway area that effectively reenergizes everybody.

The power of sharing on social media should also not be underestimated. Commonly found on social media feeds nowadays are visuals of biophilic commercial spaces. As such, if your competitors’ spaces are being featured heavily on social media, your targeted graduates could well be swayed to join them instead.

Resembling University Spaces

Want to make potential employees feel comfortable in your space immediately? Then why not design your space to resemble their former school spaces. University campuses are well known for having multiple different facilities and amenities that cater to all their students’ activities. While your office is not likely to ever rival these schools in terms of space, the same ideas can still be applied.

This can be accomplished through the implementation ofactivity based zones. Comparable to a hot desking arrangement, activity based areas use a selection of different themed rooms that help you to do any particular task under ideal circumstances. Examples would potentially include quiet areas designed like libraries or discussion zones that are merged with the coffee break area. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to have semi discussion or seating areas that are unconventional, containing swings or rocking chairs.