If your space is rather reduced, every millimeter of your house or your apartment can be profitable. Without being overloaded. Do not buy furniture that is too large . Take care to measure the space available before buying anything. Then use all the places available to your advantage. A fireplace for example (if you live in a big city and it is doomed) can serve as a display or table according to your needs. You can have decoration accessories, create a theme or use it as a place to drop everyday objects. Now you can do home improvement write a guest post like this one.

Use retractable furniture, foldable, with compartments, or which can nest and disappear behind a counter, in a cupboard or behind a door. Use narrow corners or spaces (like the bottom of a staircase) to store things like shoes or paperwork on shelves or in stacked boxes, for example. These locations are great for storage baskets, perfect tote when you run out of space and don’t know where to put things. However, remember to categorize them so as not to get lost.

Bring in the light

Arrange your living room furniture so that the light always enters properly. If you only have a window that provides low light or you have a building or vegetation that blocks the passage of the sun, invest in lighting. Bulbs on the ceiling, floor lamps, table lamps, there are several varieties to select according to your tastes. For a warmer atmosphere, opt for a rather yellow light. If you prefer strong lighting, choose white light. Both can be attenuated or filtered thanks to lampshades which also bring a personal touch to an interior decoration. Otherwise, for a more fun atmosphere, neon lights are always a good alternative.

Decorate your walls

The white walls are boring and messy. To transform them and give life to your living room, all you need is a glue and wallpaper . If you are the owner of your home, a paint job can give it a facelift. If you are a tenant and you need the owner’s agreement to make changes, there is removable wallpaper that does not leave traces. Change it according to your whims and adopt a flowery, multicolored or geometric patterned living room. Otherwise, install posters, posters or paintings purchased from stores or galleries and hang them. A large, several small, or a harmonious mixture of the twocan do the trick. You can also invest in mirrors or screw decorative shelves to the wall, to store trinkets or plants that will give a little extra to your interior.

These decoration ideas for your ceiling

Often, the ceiling is abandoned when it comes to decoration. Still in the living room, why not opt ​​for hanging plants? They offer two decorations in one: flower pots and plants in it. The hanging plants are currently in vogue.