Commercial building maintenance is necessary to prevent disasters from occurring unexpectedly. During the summer, a business may have an increased influx of customers or new discount sales that make everyone busy. This is the best season to look into getting building maintenance services in action.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Most property owners understand the importance of maintaining an air conditioner. This is because many people do not notice a problem in the first place. When the A/C breaks down, it does so gradually or completely. It could take months before you notice that the air is not circulating throughout the room. There are several A/C building maintenance services available, such as:

  • Filter replacement
  • Replacement of missing or broken parts
  • Cleaning of vents or air ducts
  • Quality performance checks

In certain buildings that constantly need cooling, such as restaurants and laboratories, the air conditioner may run all day and all night. The A/C is one of the most important systems to put on your property maintenance checklist.

Ventilation Maintenance

A ventilation system controls how air is moved into and out of a building. The outdoor air is filtered and cleaned before it is distributed throughout the building. Ventilation maintenance includes checking the vents for dust and debris that could reduce the indoor air quality.

Property maintenance services include making an assessment on an old system and knowing when to replace it with a new one. There are different types of ventilation systems to consider: fans, wind and heat recovery. It’s important to choose the system that best suits the size of your room and the extent of ventilation needed.

Safety Maintenance

Every year, verify the safety equipment that is needed to protect your building and its occupants. Make sure that the emergency lights are turned on and bright. During a fire, you need these lights to be seen through thick smoke and from a long distance. Remove any hazards that have become present so that your business reduces the risks of theft and burglary. Even if a break-in seems unlikely, every building is legally required to have a safety plan in place.

The role of every business owner is to maintain a building that protects everyone who enters and exits. When the weather becomes very hot and dry during the summer, it becomes more necessary to maintain the A/C and ventilation systems. Preventive maintenance is essential to ensuring that the building is safe and healthy enough to live and work in all day. This is possible when working with Stella Contractor Services.