The fireplace adds charm to any room. If you’re looking to have a custom fireplace to get a fresh look, you’ve got lots of ideas to explore.

To begin, you have to decide the type of fireplace that is right for you. Is it the primary source of heat, is it being installed for decorative purpose or both? What kind of fuel will you use?  What about the ease of use and its maintenance? These questions will help you decide whether electric, propane gas or wood-burning fireplace is best for you.

Choosing the fuel type for your fireplace

A propane gas fireplace is the choice for most homeowners. It emits constant heat and provides hearth flame with ease as opposed to the inconvenience of wood burning. A gas fireplace also comes in a variety of size and aesthetics.

The electric fireplace comes already constructed and typically comes in a box. As such, you don’t have to go to the pains of dimensions and construction materials. If you need a fireplace for a small living space, an electric fireplace is your best bet because it doesn’t need a mantle, chimney or hearth.

However, if your preferred fuel is wood burning, the construction material is a crucial consideration. Most people will go for the brick fireplace because it doesn’t reveal smoke stains and withstands years of searing-hot blaze.

Others go for stone because they come in varieties of marble, slate, limestone, and ceramic tiles. These are modern and give the fireplace a polished, classic look.

External elements of your Fireplace

  • The mantle

The mantle is a crucial detail to the fireplace. It’s a space that gives you the freedom to play with aesthetics to achieve ornate or rustic ideas.

Consider the space and style of the room when selecting the mantle. Both timber and box-beam can elevate your home. For the DIY enthusiast or a pre-existing fireplace, installing a box-beam will be an easy task. You can request professional’s services to help you decide the best option for your space.

The size of the mantle also matters. Some homeowners prefer a mantle that runs from one end of the wall another, while others want one that is just slightly bigger than the firebox.

  • The hearth

     You can tile the hearth to obtain an in-deep look. Ceramic tiles give an elegant modern finish. Be creative with the choice of colors, texture, and patterns available in the market.

If you want a classy updated look, chose granite. It’s ideal for the mantle, the hearth, and even the surround. Granite comes in different shades. Choose the darker tones to conceal the smoke stains, if you frequently use your fireplace.

You can decorate the hearth to give it a cozy look. Add touches depending on your design preference and personal taste. For instance, you can have a mini bookshelf in the hearth area, if you fancy reading, or, if you’ve got a lot of antique collections, you can place some of the trinket and souvenirs here.