There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to customizing your home. Whether it is a new build, or remodelling your current home, there are lots of trends and ideas floating around. One room that should never be overlooked during remodels is the bathroom. Here are some tips for custom bathroom remodeling trends!

Soaking Tubs

The old traditional style of having a bathtub in the master bathroom is making a major comeback. With countless styles of tubs available, it will be easy to find an option that fits any style or budget.

Floating Vanity

A hanging, or floating vanity is the perfect touch of contemporary flavor for any bathroom. These not only look fashionable, but they make cleaning the floor space under them easy, and the extra floor space makes your bathroom appear larger.

Smart Bathrooms

Tech is making its way into every corner of our home design and that includes the bathroom. Bluetooth speakers built into your bathroom helps give a true spa-level of relaxation at home. But there are also smart lights, toilets and even showers that you can play with as well.

Custom Mirrors

Framed mirrors can add a creative touch to a functional room with little effort. Whether it is a traditional mirror, or a non-traditional modern touch, there is an option to fit any design.


The bathroom is the perfect place to experiment with some bold wallpaper. Whether it is a relaxing texture, or a bold splashing statement wall, the possibilities with wallpaper are endless.

Spa Baths

Love the idea of a hot tub in your master bath but never had the chance to go through with it? Turn your master bathroom into a spa with the perfect hot tub set up, relaxation has never been easier to achieve!

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