It is a household task that often gets pushed back, forgotten by thousands of homeowners every single year. But, that does not mean that the task is not an important one. Of course, we are talking about the task of changing out the filters on your home’s HVAC system. These filters must be changed out routinely in order to not only make sure that they are running as smoothly as possible but that they are doing their job as well as they can be. Fresh filters in your HVAC system help make sure that your home is being filled with clean, filtered air.

While this is a task that can easily be forgotten, it is important to make sure you keep track of your system and change the filters out as required.

How Often Should I Go Between Filters?

The question of how often you should change out your HVAC system filters depends on a few factors at play, including what kind of unit and filters you are using.

For example, fibreglass filters are a little bit less expensive, but they need to be replaced monthly. Whereas, pleated air filters are made of more high-quality material and, while a little more expensive, can go between three and six months between changes.

You will be able to tell how often you need to change out your filters by reading the instructions on the filter package. However, you should also be aware of other household factors like debris, pets, airborne allergens and other determining factors that could lead you to want to change out your filters a little sooner than later.

Making sure you are always changing out the filters on your HVAC system will help ensure that the system works at its peak for as long as possible!

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