Fleas are insects that feed on the blood of their hosts such as domestic animals, wildlife, and even humans. They often make their way into your home through the family pet and a serious flea infestation can take place overnight. The eggs the fleas lay on your dogs or cats are easily spread throughout your home when your pet scratches to relieve itching from irritating bites. 

Things to Do if you have Flea Infestation

Because of the lifecycle of fleas, controlling them using over-the-counter products can be hard. As a homeowner, you will need to perform persistent vacuuming or consider treatment with a long-lasting insecticide. But, pets who have flea issues must be treated and maintained with veterinarian-approved flea control products. The best way to ensure you eliminate the infestation while keeping your pet safe, it is best to leave the job to San Antonio pest control professionals. When vacuuming your home, pay special attention to human and pet bedding, furniture, floors, and area rugs, as well as dog houses.

When Should You Call a Pest Control Expert?

Over-the-counter products for fleas are regulated for application and based on the assumption that consumers will follow the label to the dot. This is the reason these products often have a limited life. If all the efforts to vacuum and launder to stop fleas from reproducing have failed, it is best to have a licensed pest control expert to perform a liquid or aerosol treatment. 

Before the flea treatment, the professional will give you a list of things to do. Typically, the list includes details on laundering, vacuuming, preparing rooms, and having your pet cared for. As the professional performs the treatment process, you will be asked to leave your home with your pet for a few hours. To ensure optimal efficacy, they will use a residual flea control product.