The easiest way to make your home more beautiful is to decorate the walls. Often, we tend to focus more on finding the right furniture but forget about the walls. If treated well, the walls can really bring life into your home and enhance the aesthetics greatly. Let’s look at some unique ideas for decorating your wall, especially for Indian homes –

Patterned wallpaper

The most popular way to enhance your wall décor is to put up patterned wallpaper. It can really change the aesthetics of the room and make your living space look gorgeous. You can select from among a number of textures, patterns, and styles and choose the one that you like best. It isn’t too hard to install, and you can always change it whenever you wish.

Colour contrast

Have a bit of fun with colours! When it comes to home design, you can always mix and match colours and have your wall painting design in bright colours. It is also interesting to create a colour contrast so that it doesn’t become monochrome and boring. Try going for colours which accentuate the other features in your home.

Photograph gallery

A wonderful home design idea is to create your very own photograph gallery. You can dedicate a wall to put up frames of your best memories and closest loved ones. Not only that, you can also put up quirky posters and frame them up as well! Here’s a pro tip – opt for stylish frames that will not only enhance the photographs but also bring life to your wall.

Tapestry or rug

If you’re looking for a creative, out of the box idea for your wall painting design, you don’t have to look too far. Go ahead and hang up an old piece of rug or carpet – you won’t be disappointed. It is a super easy and affordable home design idea for your wall that doesn’t take too much effort. All you need is a frame and a few nails to mount the tapestry on the wall.

Art and crafts

Nothing brings beauty into your home more than art does. A brilliant wall décor idea is to have a collection of art, paintings, and artifacts. Not only will it make your wall look elegant, but it will also make the rest of your home look sophisticated. Another cool idea is to make some DIY crafts with colourful paper and hang them up on the wall. This will go especially well if you have a colourful wall painting design which stands out from the rest of the house.

Antique mirrors

You can think retro and hang up beautiful antique mirrors on one of your walls. This charming home design idea will give your wall an old-school vibe. You can also use this idea in a room which is darker or smaller- it is a great solution to make your room look bigger and brighter as the mirrors reflect light!

Green wall

If you love plants, then this wall décor idea is for you. Create a stunning green wall to give your home an actual breathing space. You can get all sorts of home plants for this living wall- it goes best in the living room or dining area. And while you’re at it, get some bright coloured pots to spruce up the wall even more!

These are a few ideas among many that you can use to make your house more appealing. Take your pick!