The average American home has numerous electrical appliances such as the washing machine, fridge, and TV. Like every equipment or tool, these appliances should be maintained to increase their efficiency and productivity. If you don’t do this, an electrician Long Island may be your frequent guest, and you may part with a lot of cash. This article explains some ways that you can maintain your electrical appliances.

  1. Oil Them And Clean Them

To keep your appliances in good condition, clean and oil the ones that need lubrication. Some people who fail to do this in the past have had to send their gadgets back to the manufacturers to be repaired.

It’s also vital to use the specified cleaner and oil during the cleaning process. This is usually highlighted in the manual that comes with the gadget. Read the manual and instructions carefully to know the right oil and cleaner to use. If you can’t access your original manual, you can find it through a simple search on the internet.

  1. Store Motor-Driven Equipment In Temperatures Above 40F

Many home appliances are driven by motor, including home freezers, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, and mixers. This equipment should never be stored in temperatures that are lower than 40F unless they’re designed to operate at lower temperatures.

Cold weather can interfere with the operations of the motor and make it strain. This hastens their wear and tear. However, if you can’t avoid storing them in cold temperatures, ensure you warm the room temperatures many hours before using the equipment. This will warm the lubricants and make the equipment to function properly. This rule applies to every electrical piece of equipment.

  1. Wipe Appliances With Chromium Plating

If you have appliances with chromium plating such as coffeepots, toasters, and waffle irons, wipe them with a damp cloth. If the devices are greasy, use clothes dipped in hot water and a detergent. This will make the chromium to tarnish. Rub off oil burns or batter spatters with silver polish gently. If you rub the chromium plating harshly, you may damage them.

Clean the grid of grills with steel wool. After doing that, ensure you rinse them with plenty of water. You should never wash waffle iron grids because doing that will scrub off the oil used to pre-treat them to prevent waffles from sticking. Instead, you should brush the cramps that may have collected on the grills with a dry brush or cloth. Alternatively, you can use a wire brush. As a rule of thumb, ensure you store these appliances with their tops facing downwards to keep the grids from dust.

Additionally, you need to clean crumbs from toasters regularly. If you have a toaster with a crumb tray, cleaning it will be easy. But if yours doesn’t have that, remove the base and clean it. Use a small paintbrush to brush the crumbs stuck within the wires. As you do this, ensure you don’t brush the heating units because they clean themselves. Oil your toaster as required and ensure you always cover it to prevent any dust or mouse from getting into it.

Bottom Line

Regularly maintaining your appliances is one of the ways to make them durable. These simple cleaning tricks can help you keep them in good condition and increase their productivity and efficiency.