Kitchen renovations start by thinking about the functionality of the design. But besides this, our experts say it might be a good idea to think thoroughly about the design itself. There are several things to skip in kitchen renovation, as revealed next!

#1 Bold colors

Admit it! You were tempted at some point in your kitchen renovation planning to opt for some bold colors. And even though these might offer a new perspective on the space, experts say you should skip this. Remember that color trends change once a couple of years, and you might end up with a kitchen you’ve fallen out of love with. It is highly recommended to choose natural tones no matter what kitchen renovation approach you have!

#2 Wood flooring

Wood is an excellent home design approach, but it is best to avoid it when it comes to kitchen renovations. It isn’t the best flooring solution because the kitchen comes with a higher risk of water damage. Spills and water back-ups are frequent and might lead to additional repair costs if you have wood flooring. The alternative idea is to use porcelain imitation wood flooring for the ultimate effect. It is both durable and wear and tear-resistant!

#3 Crowded appliances

If you love those cooking TV shows, you most likely look forward to including in your kitchen renovation the latest appliances. Our experts advise that one of the things to skip in kitchen renovation is unnecessary appliances. Make sure you add in the space only those items you use. There is no need for an additional stove if you have a small family!

#4 Modified kitchen footprint

The kitchen footprint was designed by the architects of your home so that it offers the most functional approach. And if you’re thinking about modifying it, you should assess this thoroughly. One of the most expensive actions in kitchen renovations is modifying the footprint of the space. It is expensive, and it might have you re-do everything from flooring to countertops. Our tip is to consider adding an additional light source to refresh the interior and shed new light on the existing footprint.

#5 Laminated cabinets

If you’re on a budget, you might feel like laminating your cabinets can save you a lot of time and money. Our designers say this is one of the things to skip in kitchen renovation since it can peel off and damage easily.

The bottom line

So, these are some of the things to skip in kitchen renovation. Of course, there are several other approaches you might want to think twice about! This is why a kitchen renovation project must be approached with care. Sometimes using the services of an experienced designer can guide you towards the best results!