Condo renovation improves the aesthetics, functionalities, and value of the property. It also enhances the comfort of the residents. However, before embarking on condo renovation, there are several things you should know to streamline and maximize the renovation without contravening any rules or guidelines. Here are five essential things you should know. Read further.

1. Condo Rules

The first step is to contact the condo board and inform them of your intention to renovate the condo. You will be told the rules or regulations guiding renovating the condo. The rules usually highlight which days and hours of the week renovation can take place. Another thing also being highlighted by the condo rules is the design and material selection. Because of this, give a detailed explanation to the condo board about your design and get approval before going ahead with the renovation.

2. Build Around Existing Fixtures

Another thing you need to know before going ahead with condo renovation is to upgrade the condo on the existing fixtures. Due to the condo design, it will be practically wasteful to want to move the bathroom to another side of the condo. The best is to make little upgrades to the existing structure.

3. Purpose of the Renovations

Do not begin condo renovation until you have spelt out the goals of the project and for whom it is meant. If you are sprucing up the condo for your use, there are changes you can make within your limits and achieve the best results. Also, if you are renting out the condo or selling it, some upgrades will be perfect to cash in on the enhanced value of the condo.

4. Difficult to Restructure

Keep in mind the condos usually have rich and detailed mouldings. So, if you are planning condo renovation that involves demolishing certain parts of the condo, you may need to rethink as it will be best to build up the existing structure rather than tearing it down for a new structure. Breaking things down is not the best option.

5. Consider Simple Revamps

Condo renovation does not necessarily have to be expensive. Little renovation ideas can transform the visual appeal of the condo. Painting the condo, for instance, can refresh the condo and improve its aesthetics. Creating Storage is also a nice idea that will improve the condo functionality.


The above tips are essential things to know before you start condo renovation. Follow the tips for an effective upgrade.