Furnaces are an important part of our homes, especially as they keep us warm during the cold months, and their use is more frequent at this time. The need to keep your home warm may lead to your furnace’s overuse, which may damage your furnace. Apart from damages that occur from overuse of the furnace, some other factors can result in your furnace needing a repair. The things that can cause a furnace to stop working include;

·       Dirty Furnace Filters

The furnace’s air filters are responsible for preventing dust particles, debris, and dirt from getting into the furnace. A dirty furnace filter results in the furnace not blowing sufficient heat, and if it is not taken care of, it can lead to overheating of the heat exchanger. To reduce the frequency of furnace repair, you should change the filters from time to time.

·       Air Ducts

The vents through which the hot air from the furnace enters the home are known as air ducts. When it appears that your furnace has stopped working, you should check the air ducts, which may be leaking or blocked, thereby restricting the proper airflow. If the dampers that control airflow from the furnace are not fully open, you should open them.

·       Problem with The Thermostat

The control center of any heating or cooling system is the thermostat, and if it is not configured correctly, the furnace will not function as expected. The problems with modern-day thermostats are the technicalities involved in synchronizing them correctly. In most cases, a furnace repair is unnecessary, replacing the batteries or resetting the thermostat should be enough to solve the problem

·       Furnace Heater Fan

One of the common reasons why furnaces stop working is the heater fan. After inspecting the furnace and observing that the heater fan is not working, the problem may be due to the fan, the motor driving the fan, or the thermostat.

·       Leaks

Leaks in furnaces are usually a result of plumbing issues, clogged internal components, and condensed or humified water from the furnace system. If your furnace stopped working due to leaks, you should consider a furnace repair as quickly as possible, before the damage escalates.

·       Other Components

Multiple components make up a furnace, and damages to one or more of these parts could be the reason why your furnace stopped working. Any damage to the circuit breaker, the air filter, the blower, or pressure limit switch can result in a faulty furnace.

A simple inspection of your furnace can reveal where the issue is, but most times, the services of an expert may be required to get your furnace working back again. Regular service or furnace repair should be enough to keep your furnace in good working condition for a long time.