Spontaneous glass breakage can happen to anyone. And it represents a frequent complaint among homeowners. Still, even though it might appear as a window broke for no reason, there are, in fact, some contributing factors to this event. A cracked or shattered window must be replaced immediately. A window replacement can restore the safety of your home and prevent unnecessary accidents. Keep reading this to discover some of the reasons why a window might break for no reason.

What is a spontaneous glass breakage?

The first thing we need to discuss is what can be defined as spontaneous glass breakage. It is usually seen in tempered glass, which can shatter out-of-a-blue. There are numerous reasons why this could happen, including damage to the edge of the glass, a chip on the glass surface, or poor installation methods.

Which are the most common causes for spontaneous glass breakage?

Even though you might opt for a durable and sturdy window replacement, it is possible to experience spontaneous glass breakage. No matter how qualitative the materials are, environmental factors can lead to this unwanted situation. Keep in mind that if your windows break, they make your home extremely vulnerable. So, you’ll need a window replacement immediately.

Cause #1: Inadequate edge quality

Not many people think about the edges of a window. But market data reveals that poor quality edges can lead to spontaneous breakage. Since new windows are cut into panels to fit the frame, the edges can suffer from transportation or installation damage. This isn’t visible at first, and you might even be able to use the windows for some time before they break. Still, harsh weather and other stressors will make a window break for no reason.

Cause #2: Poor frame materials

The frame represents the core element of every window replacement. The glass expands and contracts in time, which is why the frame must be made from sturdy and qualitative materials. Choosing an obscure window replacement from unknown contractors can expose you to such incidents. A poor frame can lead to surface and edge damage in your windows, causing them to break unexpectedly.

Cause #3: Temperature fluctuations

Another cause of a window breaking unexpectedly is thermal stress. This happens when there is a difference in temperature on the glass surface. If the center and edges have distinct temperatures, it can make a window break.

The bottom line

Although this might not be a common incident, you shouldn’t ignore it. It is possible for a window to break unexpectedly, which is why you will require immediate window replacement. We highly advise against removing the broken glass by yourself. A professional window contractor can help you manage the situation with little to no safety issues. Moreover, he can offer valuable information on the best window replacement ideas available. An important aspect of new windows is getting professional installation. This can minimize the possibility of unexpected issues in the long-term. Hence, it is best to avoid DIY window replacement approaches.