As Colorado adjusts to remote working, home office design has emerged at the forefront. If you’re struggling to design an aesthetically appealing, functional, and comfortable workspace, we’ve got you covered. Use this guide to give your home office a quick makeover this season.

Opt for Room Dividers

Working from home isn’t easy, especially if you have kids. If you’re finding it hard to retain high productivity levels, you’re not alone. Undo the damage by getting some much-needed privacy. We recommend indulging in a pair of affordable room dividers to demarcate your workspace from the extended space. You can move the dividers from time to time to check up on the kids, do some chores, and take breaks. When you’re working, keep them in place to steer clear of distractions.

Bold black room dividers have been all the rage in Colorado this year. Make sure you balance the depth and dimension of the dividers with pastel fixtures, furnishings, and décor. Opt for a light birch work desk, gray or ivory chair, and bohemian threadbare rug to enliven your workspace.

We also suggest indulging in potted plants to energize and purify your space. These subtle touches will go a long way in helping you feel motivated and rejuvenated as you kick-start your day!

Design an Ergonomic Workspace

When designing your workspace, make sure you prioritize comfort. Invest in an ergonomic desk, chair, and monitor stand to ensure you breeze through the day without damaging the delicate structures of your neck and back.

As people transition to working from home, sedentary lifestyles are becoming increasingly common. If you spend a significant amount of time sitting at your workstation, your body can begin to show the damage.

Make sure you take adequate breaks. Stretch your body and try quick workouts to boost musculoskeletal strength. These measures will help you avoid persistent back and neck pain.

Design Multiple Makeshift Workspaces

Tired of spending all day cooped up in your home office? Take work outside! While designing a modern home office is important, it’s not enough. We strongly recommend setting up multiple makeshift workstations across your home to ensure you get a much-needed change of scenery when you need it most.

Opt for the balcony, living room, kitchen, patio, and guest room. Install a pair of iron French doors to get the privacy you need and add a touch of sophistication and pizzazz to your makeshift workspace. You can also use room dividers if you’re working in busy interior spaces like the living room or kitchen. Either way, you’ll manage to keep productivity levels intact and check “aesthetic appeal” off the list!

Avoid spending long durations working at these makeshift stations. Remember, your home office is still the most functional and comfortable workspace in your home. Use it 70% of the time and dedicate the remaining 30% to your makeshift workspaces.

Follow a Theme

If your workspace isn’t sparking joy, it’s time to jump on the “theme” bandwagon. Over the past year, themed workspaces have quickly popularized across Colorado. These themes are largely color-categorized. In essence, your workspace is decked out in multiple shades of the same color.

Choosing a color palette is a great way to make your workspace look more put together, professional, and sophisticated. The eye-catching hues will also uplift your mood and help you feel motivated and energized throughout the day.

Start by deciding which color palette is right for you. Once you’ve finalized your pick, splinter your chosen color into multiple shades. Strategically incorporate these hues into your space to create a “theme” of sorts. Make sure you do it in moderation; going all out on theme colors will make your home office look bizarre and overdone. Opt for a few splashes of your theme color, and you’re all set!

Prioritize Space

When designing a workspace, we often have a razor-sharp focus on aesthetic appeal. And rightfully so. However, many people start prioritizing design and sidelining spaciousness. This is a big faux pas. As a rule of thumb, your workspace should always offer sufficient storage. Whether you opt for a work desk with ample drawers or install shelves, doubling down on storage will help you get through the day with greater ease.

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