New home interior design trends come out every year and many homeowners look forward to these trends to revive the style quotient of their kitchen design. In the past few years, the main elements of a kitchen design were space-saving, kitchen islands, and sufficient storage. However, interior designers are now focusing on other elements as well while designing a kitchen. Mentioned below are a few future trends predicted by professionals in global home kitchen design:

1 ) Kitchen countertops made of marble

Using marble for your kitchen countertops is a great idea. Incorporating marble in any place of your home interior design enhances the elegance of the overall setup. From the royal Rajputana styles to beautiful Italian marbles, there are many options available in the market. Marbles are preferred because they have various natural patterns that give the kitchen a very unique look. Also, marble kitchen countertops are considered a great option because they can easily blend in with various types of kitchen designs. Besides that, marble is a durable material that can be cleaned very easily. It is always prudent to install materials in your kitchen design that can be cleaned conveniently.

2 ) A kitchen larder

A kitchen larder makes the cutting, mixing, and chopping processes more organised and convenient. Once you get accustomed to a kitchen with a kitchen larder, working in a kitchen without a larder will feel very inconvenient. If you are not aware of what a kitchen larder is, it is a compact and smart unit where you can cut, peel, chop, slice, and measure your ingredients before cooking. It can even store utensils, mixing bowls, various kitchen appliances, and equipment so that you have more space on the countertops. This is a smart addition to your kitchen and will surely dominate the kitchen design trends in the coming years.

3 ) Put up wallpapers on the walls

Leaving the walls completely blank can diminish the overall appeal of your kitchen design. If you do not have cabinets in the kitchen going all the way up to the ceiling and cover the entire wall, you should consider adding some features to the walls. Wallpapers make the dull and boring kitchen walls more interesting. Good quality wallpapers are very durable and resilient to heat, water, and grease. Hence, they are the perfect solution to add more character to the kitchen walls. Also, you will find wallpapers in various colours, patterns, and designs that will not only enhance the look but reflect your taste and preferences as well.

4 ) Storage options to keep your kitchen appliances hidden

Most modern modular kitchen designs have a very sleek and minimal design. To ensure that your kitchen appears very neat and clean, it is important to keep the kitchen appliances stored properly instead of leaving them on the countertops. However, it is may not always be possible to store all the appliances properly and then clean the kitchen. Hence, a space for hiding your kitchen appliances is a smart way to keep the kitchen clean and tidy even when you do not have sufficient time to clean it. This idea is very likely to dominate the future kitchen design trends.

5 ) Introducing lots of textures

If you are not very fond of adding bold colours to the kitchen, you can consider introducing lots of textures to that setup. From the flooring, cabinets, kitchen island to countertops, you can add textures to every element in the kitchen. Unlacquered brass strap hooks and knobs on drawers and cabinets are great ideas. A marble countertop will make the kitchen very appealing and wooden flooring will certainly add more elegance to the overall setup.

6 ) Add a lot of colours

For your kitchen design, you can consider adding a lot of colours. Start with colourful cabinets and bright walls. You can consider adding a combination of warm and cool colours for an appealing look as well. A contrasting effect makes the kitchen more vibrant and interesting. Colourful kitchens will surely dominate the kitchen trends in the future.