Do you love playing golf? Maybe you’re obsessed with improving your game.

Then buy a golf launch monitor to improve your game. These small, handheld devices can tell you more about golf than what you possibly know. Thanks to technology, a device the size of a phone can tell you about your club speed, ball speed, spin rates among other astonishing features.

Take your time to assess the most affordable golf launch monitor in the market. and while these monitors are incredible tools, they can overwhelm you with all the data and information. For most golfers, having too much to digest leads to confusion and frustration.

The goal of this article is to shed light on how to use a launch monitor.

  1. Readings on a Golf Launch Monitor

Before using your launch monitor, charge the batteries and read the instruction manual. After that, learn how to take readings from this screen.

  • The Ball Speed

It is the speed of the ball after an impact with the club. Hitting the ball at the sweet spot increases its overall speed. Conversely, hits from the toe or heel of the club lower the overall speed and distance.

It’s also important to note that longer clubs raise the speed of the ball.

  • The Club Speed

It reflects the club’s speed before impact.

  • The Smash Factor

It relates to the energy transferred from the clubhead into the golf ball. A professional golfer seeks to achieve a smash factor of 1.5 on driver shots.

  • Launch

The ball’s angle of ascent after impact with the golf club.

  1. Helps You Improve Your Game

A launch monitor works with golf simulators to give you an exciting experience. It helps you work on your game while having tons of fun with your friends.

The availability of all data relating to your swings helps you improve your playing technique.

Know You’re Hitting it on the Day

The common mistake that most golfers make is failing to account for changing outdoor conditions when at the range. The outdoor weather and environmental conditions aren’t static but keep on changing. Today it might be sunny, tomorrow rainy and the other day windy.

Failure to account for this weather change affects your game.

  1. Helps Analyze Your Game

The launch monitor isn’t just for your game. Some models of this appliance can provide performance analysis for your game.

In most cases, it focuses on the launch angle and the distance to roll; how well the ball is rolling. All these are vital, especially where you want to determine if your putter is meeting performance targets.


Do you want to take your golf gaming to the next level? Buying a golf launch monitor is a step in the right direction. These small portable gadgets are important in that they give data not readily available elsewhere. It also helps you figure out what’s happening with your launch angle, and the ball flight. With this, you’ll increase productivity while working out.