As the spring arrives, it is time for you to maintain many items inside and outside of your home. While replacing or repairing different appliances, don’t forget your air conditioning units as they will play a key role in making you comfortable in the coming months.

Given this, here are 5 important HVAC maintenance tips you must know:

1. Clean the areas around the HVAC unit

The extreme cold of the winter often forces everyone to stay indoors. Resultantly, you probably won’t be able to assess your air conditioner during the winter. So, once spring has arrived, you should check and clean the areas around your HVAC system.

Generally, dirt, dust, debris, and other things tend to build up around the HVAC unit. Unfortunately, these items can clog the unit and, therefore, reduce its efficiency and even damage it. Therefore, you must get rid of all debris around your HVAC system.

2. Test the unit

Since the HVAC system has been unused for a long period, it is essential to test it as you prepare for the summer. So, take advantage of the good weather of the spring to test whether your air conditioning unit is still in good condition or not.

Generally, allow the HVAC system to work for about one hour. Check both outside and inside of your house to note if there is anything unusual. If you notice any strange thing, get in touch with a professional for HVAC maintenance and repair.

3. Replace or clean the dirty air filters

The main function of the air filter of an HVAC unit is to enhance your home’s air quality. This part of the air conditioning system traps pollen, dust, and other things inside your house. Unfortunately, a dirty air filter will affect the function of your air conditioner.

Therefore, it is crucial to remove the dirty filter and replace it with a newer one. However, if the filters are replaceable, you can just wash and reinsert them.

4. Check the thermostat

The thermostat is the device for adjusting the temperature of your HVAC system when the outside temperature changes. If this device is not functioning appropriately, you will have an issue with keeping your home cool.

To check this device, just put the temperature in a cooler setting than you usually use. If the air conditioner works, then the thermostat is okay. However, if it doesn’t work, there may be a problem. You can troubleshoot to see if you can deal with the issue. Otherwise, call an HVAC professional.

5. Clean, repair or replace the air ducts

The air duct is another important part of your HVAC system. If this device doesn’t function properly, you are bound to experience difficulties with your AC unit. Most of the problems you can have with the air ducts will come from clogging with debris, dust, and dirt. You may also have issues with leaky and cracked joints in the duct. Regardless of the cause of the problem, the efficiency of your air conditioning system will reduce.

Get in touch with a seasoned HVAC contractor to evaluate the problem. Afterward, the contractor can decide whether the air ducts need cleaning, replacement, or repair.

With these 5 HVAC maintenance tips, the comfort of your home is guaranteed during the spring and summer.