Illegal water in your basement can cause a lot of damage. Water damage has one of the highest insurance claims in the country, costing the industry $2.5 billion every year. However, most of these damages, after careful inspection, are avoidable, just like the basement seeping in water. Such a problem can be costly as it destroys valuable properties and may put lives at risk. To avoid such, it’s best to think of a solution on time. This article will help you find the best solutions.

  1. Over walls

The first tip involves investing in a proper drainage system, to help divert water from your building to the city’s water channels. A poorly designed drainage system can give way for rainwater to enter your basement from the foundation walls. To avoid this, make sure to invest in an experienced and competent company to carry out your design system design and construction.


  1. Close construction holes

Construction holes are important for civil engineers during the construction of any home; however, these necessities can easily become liabilities. Construction holes can form channels for rainwater and broken pipes to enter your basement. To avoid such, it’s advisable to close all the construction holes in your building. Asides from water damage, these holes can pose a threat to structural integrity.

  1. Install sump pump

A sump pump connects from your basement to the sewage, however, if it’s poorly connected or experiences a defect, water may begin to rest in your basement. To avoid such, make sure you keep regular maintenance of your sump pump. Schedule maintenance days with a professional and replace your sump pump whenever necessary.

  1. Cover any floor cracks

Cracked floors in your basement are a recipe for disaster. However, cracks are common due to the pressure of moving water underneath the basement. Cracks floors are worse to have during the rainy season, as this is when water sits in your basement.

  1. Apply waterproof paint

Like many other commodities in the market, paint has been upgraded to serve more than its primary purpose, which is to beautify your home. Waterproof paint can solidify your efforts of blocking with cracks. Just apply waterproof paint after fixing the cracks. This simple tip will help keep away moisture.

A basement that seeps water is a huge liability for homeowners, especially during the rainy seasons. This is why it’s best to implement repairs and basement waterproofing that are needed to keep your basement dry, all year.