You have finally decided to renovate your bathroom and cannot decide where to start? Do not worry, yours will not be the first family to find this confusion in your life. The moment you take the decision; renovations is the only thing that runs through your mind. You might have flipped through magazine pages or searched for bathroom renovation on the web and even created a board in Pinterest however, the excitement of things often makes home owners steer away from logical decisions and rational thinking that helps you eventually in saving time as well as money. Given below are some common mistakes people make to help you ensure that you get the bathroom of your dreams ready in an efficient manner.

5 common mistakes to avoid during bathroom renovation

  1. Not planning the layout well – everyone wants a double sink vanity along with an extra-large walk-in shower area however, people tend to forget that there is only so much space in their current bathroom. You must ensure that the square footage of the bathroom has the capacity to fit in all your dreams well in advance. You should avoid the mistake of creating a cluttered bathroom with minimum room for foot traffic.
  2. Choosing storage and design theme separately – How you color or paint your new bathroom is as important as the storage space available in the area after it is completed. Hence you must choose the color schemes, paint and fixtures while you are choosing the amount of storage space and the design theme it belongs to. Think of the issues which the current bathroom storage presents to you and how it can be eliminated through a revamped design during the bathroom renovation.
  3. Trying to get things done as fast as possible – While having quick turnaround time is necessary, you should not rush the contractor into doing things fast unnecessarily. There could be certain problems associated with pipes and fixtures that were unprecedented and they need attention hence do not force the labor or the contractor to rush thing up.
  4. Going for the latest trends – Trends are often short-lived and expensive with less utility value. If you keep after trendy things and designs, then you might have to shell out more money than your budget and perform bathroom renovation more than once.
  5. Not having a realistic budget – Families often underestimate the cost of renovating the bathroom. You should keep room for surprise fixes and unforeseen damages that needs immediate repair. Things also pile up along the way as you go about renovating hence there should always be room for a little more expense.

Why is DIY bathroom renovation not the best idea?

Most of the families who choose to do things themselves aim at saving costs by not hiring professionals. While the idea is great, the execution is seldom perfect. Things do not go as planned, fixtures end up not fitting well and chances of materials chosen not performing as they should force them to hire contractors in the middle of the whole DIY process. This not only elevates the cost but ends up creating a mess out of a simple bathroom renovation. Always trust the professionals to get the bathroom renovation job done right and in a timely manner. Unless you yourself are a professional plumber, interior decorator and a carpenter all combined, do not go for DIY renovations. It is the little things that end up taking most of the time and the details add up to a good or bad outcome hence make the right choices and smart choices to avoid the common mistakes others make.