Many people today are concerned about the safety of ingredients. We need to take care of cleaning the house regularly. If you are spending maximum time in your home, you will need to follow the basic steps to keep the house clean.

If you are using harsh chemicals for cleaning the house, you need to be careful. These dangerous chemicals can be extremely annoying. Furthermore, you are breathing this air all the time. You need to follow the eco-friendly steps to keep the house clean.

People have eventually turned to eco-friendly revolution for keeping their house clean. As technology is improving, people are also working towards enhancing the steps. Chemicals can be harmful. Therefore, you need to take proper care of your health. As the world is moving towards climate change, you need to adopt eco-friendly ways.

Tips to Keep House Green

There are certain green cleaners in your house that you can adopt. These green cleaners are very easy to find. Hence, you can follow the tips and tricks to keep your house clean.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is one of the best green cleaners you can adopt. Apart from being edible, you can use it extensively for cleaning.

White vinegar can help clean mirrors and windows. Furthermore, it can be beneficial for the removal of stains from clothing and neutralizing odours. There are so many things you can use white vinegar for.

Natural air freshener

The air fresheners that you buy from the stores are rich in chemicals. Although it gives you a pleasant scent, it is advisable to use natural air fresheners. Natural air fresheners can help avoid unwanted smell. Moreover, you can make natural fresheners.

Cinnamon and herbs can help keep the air in your house fresh. It will help if you put these in your oil diffuser. Make sure to burn incense or boil herbs on a stove.

Olive oil

Olive oil can have a significant impact on wood. Olive oil with vinegar and lemon juice can be helpful for cleaning tables and floorboards. It would help if you considered dipping a towel in the solution and then cleaning your floorboards and tables with it. Apart from getting rid of stains, it will help maintain shine.


Lemons possess antiseptic and antibacterial characteristics. No wonder these are extensively beneficial for cleaning your house. Apart from cleaning your house, lemons can help in the absorption of bad or foul odour. It would help if you kept lemons in your garbage disposal bag too. It is advisable to use high-quality cutting boards and disinfecting them with lemons.

Castile soap

Castile soap can prove to be one of the best natural cleansers. Apart from buying castile soap from the market, it would help if you considered building one. The Castile soaps are non-toxic in nature. However, it is advisable to maintain the pH of Castile soap while building them. You might as well consider doing some experiments.

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