It has become a common phenomenon that when people need money urgently turn up and sell their assets, the most commonly sold are their gold ornaments. This could because they are valuable and their market is readily available. Do you want me to sell you a gold ornament? For instance, you need urgent money to cater for your or your lover’s medical bills. Then there comes a question popping in your mind who buys gold near me?

You need to know numerous things before you sell your gold, and after selling, this will educate you and keep you away from being cheated by con people in the market.  Here are what you need to consider when trading gold jewelry.

  1. Get To Know Where To Sell

Knowing your buyer is a complex task; if it you’re your first time selling gold, you have to take your time and move from one buyer to another. This will enable you to know which range your gold ornament falls; don’t just ask one buyer, and you decide to sell to him. But if you have been selling in the same market. It is advised to go for the buyer you have been selling along. But selling to the leading gold buyers in town will increase the chances of getting a fair amount for your gold.

  1. Check The Purity Level Of The Gold

When selling gold or a gold ornament, the purity of the same will determine its price; no one will pay for the metal component. To know the purity of the gold, you used a karat meter; this will tell you exactly the pureness of the gold; it is a 24-point scale that represents the ratio of metal to gold and metal consist. Usually, 18 karat represents 75% pureness, and four karats represent 10% pureness.

  1. Know It’s Worth

The main reason for selling your gold is to get money; you cannot just decide and sell a gold ornament worth $200 for as lower as $50. To know the worth of your gold, it is vital to ask for quotations from various shops; this could be the best method to know the gold worth since there is no standard method to know the sold price. You should visit at least three shops and collect quotes; this will enable you to compare the worth of the ornaments and go for the maximum price possible.

There are many places where you could sell your gold; remember, this is gold, a valuable item, and the best way to sell it is by physical trade. Still, in most cases, the buyer may be far from you, and you decide to do the business online though it is risky, but here is how to sell gold on an online gold buyer.

  • First, you need to send out a form to the gold buyer’s site with your name, address, and general information about your item.
  • The buyer will email you a mailer to sell your gold
  • You will send your gold item and then quote by email or phone
  • Finally, if you accept, you will receive payments from either PayPal or bank transfer