Propane is increasingly emerging as a safe, reliable and efficient alternative to electricity. As per surveys, more than 14 million households use propane in the United States and the annual usage is recorded at approximately 18 billion gallons. This energy source of American origin can be used to power appliances for inside and outside our homes. Families who are conscious about the environment and wish to reduce their carbon footprint, opt for propane delivery as it helps them ‘go green’. Beyond the homes, propane is also seeing utilization in businesses as a commercial fuel.

Some benefits of propane you must know as a homeowner

If you are wondering, why should you switch to propane as a fuel option, the below listed advantages of propane will surely convince you to do so. Once you realize the multitude of benefits of using propane, you will want to find the nearest propane delivery service and experience the benefits yourself.

  1. Economical and efficient: If you compare the national fuel prices, you will see that electricity cost is almost twice that of propane. Though, the initial investment and purchase price is higher in case of propane, the higher efficiency it offers ensures that lesser energy is used to run the appliances.
  2. Easily available: It is readily available as it is made from natural gas and petroleum, which are natural components. It can be liquefied with application of pressure, making its transportation and use easy.
  3. Environment friendly: Propane is non-toxic and does not dissolve in water. It gets released as a gas, so there is no spillage or residue. It has been listed as a clean fuel and has low carbon content, thus producing minimum emissions. Many people who wish to create an environment friendly home and follow sustainable practices, use local propane delivery services to run their appliances.
  4. Versatile fuel: Propane can power many appliances in any household. From heating system to boilers, it can be used anywhere. A propane powered fireplace creates even heating and eliminates ash or soot that are otherwise common in a wood burning fireplace. Even washing machines, dryers and oven can operate efficiently on propane. You just need to install the right system and then you will be ready to run a range of equipment on propane.

The above benefits of using propane must have lured you to use it as a fuel for your appliances. The convenience associated is an added benefit, with the interstate pipelines, propane is readily available. When you are low on the gas you can just order a top-up and not worry about running out of fuel.

Flexible installation options

The propane tank can be installed anywhere. You can choose to install it above the ground or underground, depending on your preference and setting of your home. Once you have decided to use propane as a fuel, you should hire a propane delivery company. The team will make all the necessary arrangements and ensure that all distance related requirements are met. They will also help you apply for various permits and ensure they are in place so that you do not get into trouble later. Once the tank is installed, a propane delivery driver will come in with the gas and fill the tank with propane. Once the tank is filled, proper tests will be done and post a thorough safety inspection they will test a pilot light, check your appliances and review the complete installation along with you. When choosing a service provider, price and schedule usually remain the most important factors, however you must consider the company’s safety record and review their practices. You must always remember, that cheapest is not equivalent to safest.