It is not just important live in a sound neighborhood but it is equally important to secure your home from all sorts of security threats. Unless you are able to transform your house to a fortress it is nearly impossible to keep thieves out. A rock and a hammer is all that is required for any unscrupulous element enter or break into your house without your permission. How many battery powered grinder will be able to cut through the bars placed on the windows and doors. The one thing that you can do is to make the process of breaking into your house extremely complicated so that it deters anyone who wishes to do so keeping your home secure.

There are a lot of ways in which you can improve the security of your home and keep your family and your valuables safe.

Simple steps to keep your home secure

  • Improve the locks – Security begins with using better quality locks on your doors and windows. Cheap locks are the primary reason for burglars to be successful in breaking into a house.
  • Stay away from darkness – Thieves and burglars love darkness. The darker the place is the better chances of them getting successful in their heist. Hence use as much lighting as possible to ward the off.
  • Alarm systems – Believe it or not, alarm systems do help in deterring the most experienced of the burglars. Nobody wants a noise that wakes up the entire neighborhood while they are busy in a dark corner of the house.
  • Keep valuables out of reach – Hide the jewels and large cash from getting easily spotted. Expensive appliances and large TVs should be away from the view of the windows. Special attention to keys as they should be secure and not loose.

Advanced steps to keep your home secure 

  • Tools should be locked – The last thing you want to do is assist the thieves in there endeavor hence keep the ladders, hammers, garden tools, metal bars, etc. as far from the reach of anybody as you can. Keep all such things locked up and specially avoid leaving them outside overnight.
  • Limit access to your house – Use shrubs, thorny bushes, barbed wires, glass, or other items that can harm anyone trying to jump over to your house. Use Japonica, Hawthorn, climbing roses and similar plants to line the walls and fences around the house.
  • Take steps to secure the property – Keeping your home secure means using passive ways to limit the reach of the opportunistic individuals. Hence grease the Downpipes and maybe let the front gate creak a little.
  • Deceive the burglars – If you are going for a vacation then you might want to leave a light open with the curtains drawn to make it appear that the house is still occupied. Leaving a car in the drive way is another great way to keep anyone from breaking into the house.
  • Look out for strangers – Burglars are smart and often work in pairs and teams hence keep an eye for strangers coming up to you for help more often.

The thieves and burglars are getting smarter day by day hence if you believe that you have the latest technologically advanced solutions then you are being naive. It is multiple solutions and measures working together that help you keep your home secure rather than a single system. Security should be intrinsic to the home environment hence the kids and grandparents too should be made aware of the risks of burglary and theft. They should actively take part in securing the home from any unforeseen mishap and should understand that the onus is on them as well.