Outdoor furniture needs fabrics that can sustain constant exposure to the outside elements and still maintain their texture and vibrancy. Typically, fabrics made from synthetic thread fare better than natural fibers since they contain plastic and are thus more resistant to frequent climate changes and harsh weather. Before you purchase any new fabric for your outdoor furniture, make sure they are in good shape. If you notice your outdoor furniture in bad shape, hire a professional to fix them by searching “furniture repair near me” online.

The Fabrics

Now, let’s look at some of the best fabrics for outdoor furniture:

  1. Acrylic fabric – Acrylic fabric is an excellent fabric for outdoor use, especially if frequent rainfall is of concern to you. It is almost as soft as wool and has moisture-wicking properties that ensure it dries quickly. Plus, it stays cool even during hot weather. Acrylic fibers are quite strong too which makes them resistant to wear and tear, weather damage, and even prevents the growth of mold and mildew.

Acrylic fabrics can bear 1,000 hours of UV ray exposure and can retain their color even when constantly exposed to direct sunlight since they are solution-dyed, (i.e., the threads are first dyed before they are woven together. Thus, acrylic fabric is suitable for use for outdoor furniture cushions, patio umbrellas, and even throw pillows.

Sunbrella is a popular fabric brand that is often touted to offer the ‘gold standard’ of outdoor acrylic fabric. Their products are suitable for home use as well as commercial use. The premium quality fabric can survive the rigors of saltwater, sun, wind, and are pretty easy to clean as well.

  1. Polyester fabric – Polyester fabric is a strong, flexible, and durable synthetic fabric. It is coated with vinyl (PVC mesh) or acrylic to make it more resistant to the outside elements. Polyester is also water resistant, stain resistant, and tear resistant. However, non-treated average grade polyester fabric fades quickly in direct sunlight since they are not solution dried. Typically, the threads of polyester hybrids are first woven and then dipped in color. Thus, such fabrics are more suited for outside areas that remain shaded most of the time.

On the bright side, they come with intricate patterns and brighter colors, and you can retain their luster by keeping them away from the UV rays of the sun. Vinyl-coated polyester is well-suited for back slings, self-supporting seats, screens, backing, and umbrellas since they have a plastic-like feel. Acrylic-coated polyester fabric is well-suited for accents and pillows.

Batyline mesh is a popular premium polyester fabric that is known for its durability and tear-resistant properties. The material sports an open design that allows smooth airflow and helps to ensure the fabric stays cool and dries quickly. It is ideal for bar stools, self-supporting sling seating such as poolside sun loungers, and patio dining.

Textilene mesh is another popular polyester fabric that is similar toBatyline mesh. It is strong,  dries quickly, water resistant, and does not tear easily. Typically, such fabric is used in luxury outdoor furniture brands like Sifas for back slings and seats of high-end sofas and lounge chairs.

  1. Olefin fabric – Olefin fabric (AKA polypropylene) is another synthetic fabric that is a great alternative to acrylic fabric. Olefin fabrics are also solution-dyed and thus highly resistant to fading and staining. They are suitable for rainy areas since they are durable, dry quickly. and can withstand mildew, mold, and heat. It’s smooth, lightweight, and is pretty easy to clean with any household cleaner such as bleach.

The only downside is that they lack the softness of acrylic fabrics. However, they are cheaper than acrylic fabrics which makes them a great option when acrylic is out of your budget.

Etisilk is a well-known olefin fabric brand that is often used for pool furniture fabric and outdoor garden fabric. It is certified as a safe textile by OEKO-TEX and thus safe for the environment. The fabric is quite strong, stain-resistant, and can be cleaned using bleach or even chlorine.

  1. Textilene fabric – Textilene fabrics are woven polyester that is covered in PVC and have a plastic-y feel to them. Thus, it is recommended that you check them by hand before confirming the order. They are mold resistant, flame retardant, waterproof, and are suitable for outdoor furniture and sunshades.

How To Choose a Fabric for Your Outdoor Furniture

Fabrics for outdoor furniture come in a lot of options but not all of them would be suitable for your needs. Here are a few factors that you need to consider when purchasing fabrics for outdoor furniture.

  1. Durability – The best fabrics for outdoor furniture should be durable enough to prevent you from worrying constantly about keeping them protected. Ideally, it should be tear-resistant, UV resistant, mildew and mold resistant, and waterproof. Plus, you should be able to clean it easily without having to worry about damaging it.

  1. Quality – The quality of fabrics varies a lot depending on the brand. Thus, it’s important to buy fabrics from a well-known brand and ensure the product has many good reviews. The best quality fabrics feel softer, look aesthetically pleasing, and are more vibrant.

  1. Design – The design of the fabric also matters a lot since it should match the surrounding in which it would be kept. However, it is largely a personal preference. You may decide based on the colors, patterns, texture, and size of the fabric.

  1. Cost – It is important to consider the cost of the fabric as well when choosing between many different options. Sometimes, you need to ask whether the extra cost of a premium fabric is justifiable or doesn’t help at all.


The best fabrics on your outdoor furniture will stand the test of time. However, they may get damaged sooner if put on furniture that is not in top condition. Thus, you must repair any old furniture that you want to don a new fabric. You can easily hire a professional furniture repair expert by searching “furniture repair near me” on Google.