Making sure that the garden looks nice is a goal of almost all homeowners. If you’ve just bought a house, there’s a good chance that the garden is not exactly the way you’d like it. That might be because it’s been neglected, or simply because you don’t like the designs and ideas that the previous owner implemented. Well, that’s not necessarily bad news, because designing your own garden, or making improvements to the existing one, can be an extremely fun and creative task. But, if you’re stuck for inspiration, then here are some great ideas that can help improve your garden:

1) It’s all about the views: Obviously, if you’ve got branches of a tree blocking a gorgeous view, then you’ll probably want to remove them, or at least trim them to find a way to make sure that view is visible! However, it’s often the case that people aren’t gifted with pleasant views outside of their garden, and try to block them with leylandii. The result might not be what you’re looking for though, as doing so often draws attention to the fact that there’s a bad view you’re trying to hide. As such, you’ll also be drawing attention to the bad view. A much better alternative is to improve the view itself, instead of trying to block it out completely. You can do this by putting a shrub such as Genista hispanica in the way of the bad view, which will fade it out slightly and help it blend into the greenery.

2) Include some water elements: There’s nothing more beautiful than incorporating water into the design of your garden – doing this will truly make you feel at one with nature. Fortunately, there are a lot of options to choose from. You might decide to construct a pond in your garden, which will surely attract some wildlife! You could also build an artificial stream or waterfall.

3) Build a garden shed: Garden sheds can be the perfect addition to a garden because, beyond their contribution to keep wild spaces neater and tidier, they are extremely versatile spaces for relaxing within too, and help protect you from the cold and rainy weather of the winter months. They’re perfect because they allow you to distance yourself from the (often chaotic) house, while simultaneously being surrounded by nature, yet protected from its elements!

4) Choose big plants: “Why?”, you might ask. Well, not only do big plants look great, but they also require significantly less human attention. That’s because their roots are larger, and thus it is easier for them to extract minerals from the soil. If you plan to keep them in a plant pot, make sure the pots are large, too!

All in all, there are multiple things that you can do in order to make sure that your new home’s garden is looking top-notch. These are just a few ideas that you should keep in mind, but feel free to go creative, as a bit of creativity will always give your garden a personal touch.