According to Mark Roemer Oakland, among the 17 million shipping containers present in the world, only 6 million are in use. That means over 10 million unused shipping containers are sitting idle across multiple countries. This excess in supply also brings their price down and makes building homes with these containers an attractive option. Let’s check out some modern and cheap shipping container homes:

The Considerations

  1. Adriance House – Made of 12 shipping containers, this house is located in Northern Maine and spread across 4000 square feet. It’s an ultra-modern home that separates the interior world from the exterior with just dark curtains and accentuates everything inside with glazed walls. It’s a masterpiece project by architect Adam Kalkin and is a great piece of innovation in the world of “cargotecture”.

  1. La Aduana – Despite their popularity shipping containers aren’t mainstream. Moreover, people tend to think that they are usually reserved for private home construction and may cost higher than regular homes despite evidence suggesting otherwise. La Aduana is an apartment building that stands testament against all those false preconceptions. It’s an apartment building made out of 36 containers and located in Mexico. The apartment also features unique aesthetics with certain portions of the containers kept in their original appearance while the rest have been covered with glass panels and wooden slat screens.

  1. Nomad Living – Nomad Living is a great little retreat designed by Studio Arte in Portugal. It consists of a single shipping container as the carcass structure of the vacation retreat. The structure has a wooden deck that elevates you above the dirt and makes for a wonderful patio. You can modify the interior to become a remote cafe, an economical home, or a mobile restaurant. The best thing about Nomad Living is its mobile. You can haul it on a truck wherever you want. While it’s in its prototype state, it is an initial step towards solving expensive housing.

  1. Container Love – Container Love by LHVH Architekten looks like a typical rural retreat shipping container home from the outside. You expect it to be used in farms, worksites, and other such places. However, when you enter the house, the two shipping container homes impress you very quickly. Attractive wooden floors, thick glazed walls, full face window panels, and surprisingly generous interior space. you

  1. Containers of Hope – As the name suggests it’s a literal container of hope for many people around the world who can’t afford housing due to steep prices. The house was made by the renowned architect, Benjamin Garcia Saxe for a couple in Costa Rica. With full panel windows that make the home seem roomier and more spacious, all necessary amenities, and a modern wonderful design, it’s a surprise when you get to know about its humble $40,000 price tag.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you should seriously consider building a shipping container home. Apart from the cost savings, it also presents modularity and flexibility which enables you to build the perfect off-grid retreat home.