What should I bring?

A common dilemma most of us involves what to bring, or send, to friends and relatives who just moved into a new house. There are many things to consider — from what help to offer to what gift box to give. How much are you willing to spend on it?

These are just a few of the things that may run through your mind. So to ease your burden, here are six etiquettes that every housewarming gift recipient would love to observe.

  1. Gift value

It’s often hard to determine how much you should spend on a surprise gift, especially if the person you’re sending it to is an acquaintance. Sometimes, you may feel hesitant in giving an expensive present box even to your closest friends because of the possibility of them misusing it or not appreciating it.

However, there is no need for you to fret about your budget when buying gifts online in general. As long as you are certain of the person’s interests, you can give them gifts in a box that they will really enjoy.

  1. Never send used items

That’s a big no-no. It would seem like a kind act to your recipient if you took the time to exchange used items for them, but it is also considered rude. Why? Because it’s like you’re saying, “I don’t want you to have anything that I had before”.

It would be better to just directly purchase suitable housewarming gifts instead.

  1. Get the USEFUL gift for your recipient

We all have our fair share of experiences when receiving gifts that are nice but not useful. It’s just a waste of time to have to dispose of these presents after opening them.

That said, opt for things they can utilize since they just moved in. For example, stuff like a screwdriver kit, a portable fan, a toy for their pet, a fruit basket, or a small cooking appliance would be a great housewarming gift.

  1. Send a gift card with a welcoming note

If you’re in a hurry and can’t find time to make a present, don’t panic. A gift card with a short welcome note is also considered an acceptable present.

 However, make sure you provide the recipient with instructions on using the card, like where they can use it and how much it has. This makes life easier for them when shopping for their new home.

  1. Keep your gift set light

The most pricey item isn’t always the best one to give. Sometimes, value can be found in giving simple items. Give your recipient a hand mixer, microwave oven, wine set, or an automatic coffee maker instead.

Anything that will make their life easier at their new home is a good idea, especially since they just relocated and need to prepare for what’s coming.

Moving to a new environment can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. Be it a simple move or a big change in their lives, people moving in would definitely appreciate housewarming gifts.

Don’t forget these etiquettes when giving presents to your friends. There’s nothing more important than making them feel homey.