5 Signs you need to look for to understand whether you are ready for hair transplantation or not.

1 — You want a significant change in your life even if you have to be patient about it


In life, sometimes you need an upgrade, a boost in your life to pursue new opportunities and to be your best self.

You feel the need to improve the quality of your life, to change something about yourself, maybe a fresh start to realize your full potential.

Deciding to have a hair transplant and starting a hair transplantation journey can represent a significant new era in your life.

Having a Hair Transplant Turkey can be the self-care, the improvement you need for a while. Plus, you can have a vacation, a time-off from everything and take time for yourself.

Of course, hair restoration does not provide overnight results. So, you should have realistic expectations for what will happen after the hair transplantation surgery.

Remember, good things come for those who wait and are willing to be patient. The newly transplanted hair doesn’t pick up the hair growth cycle immediately.

The full hair transplant timeline can take as long as a year. But, in the end, your reward will be self-confidence with the hair that you can cut and style any way you want.

If you want change, new energies, a start over and if you are willing to be patient about these things then you are ready for a hair transplantation journey.

2 — You are searching to learn about hair transplantation and it has become all you can think about

When we start to have interest in a topic, we frequently think about it, we search to learn about it, we try to be more familiar about it to feel more comfortable and less scared. This is a common human nature.

You can take a brave step, do the research, become more informed about hair transplantation and schedule a free consultation to learn more about the topic from experts.

It is worth your time to be a more informed patient before deciding for a hair transplantation journey. There are some questions that you can ask during your consultation with a hair transplantation expert.

Examples: Am I a good candidate for this surgery? What should I expect during the healing process, and how long should I plan for my recovery? What procedure do you recommend for me? How should I care for my transplants and donor site after surgery to ensure the best results?…

These are some questions to ask during your consultation to be more informed about hair transplantation. To be informed about everything about the topic is the first step to feel comfortable and be ready for a hair transplantation journey.

In conclusion, if you are frequently thinking about hair transplantation, if you feel the need to learn more about it, if you are searching for information about it, it can be a good sign that you are preparing yourself for it, thus you might be ready for your hair transplantation journey.

3 — You are tired of hiding your hair loss and feeling insecure

Are you comfortable being yourself? Or are you constantly feeling bad about yourself because of your hair loss?

Are you worried about hiding your baldness because you don’t want other people to notice it?

Are you tired of using wigs, scarves, hats and other accessories to hide your baldness even from yourself so you don’t have to catch a sight of your reflection?

You can ask yourself this question: Is your hair loss really worth feeling insecure of yourself?

With new technologies, great clinics and experts, it is unreasonable to continue feeling this way. Don’t let your hair loss make you feel bad about yourself anymore.

After a successful hair transplant surgery, you’ll be able to be yourself again. You’ll have nothing to hide, and you’ll be able to enjoy your results for years. You’ll be comfortable and secure about your look.

So, if you are tired of feeling insecure about your hair loss, it might be a good sign that you are ready for considering hair transplantation.

4 — You are 30 years old or more and you have been balding for 5 years or more

People can experience hair loss at any age past puberty but if you are still young, it is not recommended to jump into hair transplantation right away.

While young people are still growing, the full extent and pattern of their hair loss may not be finalized. Because of this, it is hard to determine the shape of young people’s hair loss patterns. It is reasonable to wait until the balding reaches a certain degree.

Experts recommend waiting until your 30s and beyond to go through hair transplantation. Because of this, hair transplantation is recommended as a potential treatment for individuals at least 18 and older.

Hair transplantation surgeons transplant hair to the balding and thinning areas in a way that leaves behind a natural-looking hairline. For hair loss surgery to deliver optimal results, the physician must be able to identify the individual patient’s unique hair loss pattern.

That is why for best results, you should hold off on exploring hair restoration surgery until you have been balding continuously for five years or more.

Waiting until you’ve experienced thinning hair for several years in a row will help your doctor get a full understanding of what shape your hair loss is taking.

To sum up, if you are balding for five years or more and if you are 30 years old or older then it can be a good time to think about hair transplantation and it can be a good sign that you are ready for it.

5 — You’re in good physical health and you have enough donor hair

Hair transplants involve the use of your own hair, unlike organ transplants. That is why you can’t have hair transplantation surgery unless you have hair to transplant. Without enough donor hair, a hair transplant may not be successful.

Surgeons take hair follicles from areas on the back or sides of your head and transplant them to the treatment area, where they will continue to grow. You will be considered a good candidate if you have enough donor hair follicles from the sides or back of your head, chest, arms, legs, or back.

Also, for a successful hair transplant surgery you need to be in good physical health. Although a hair transplant is a relatively low-risk surgery, you’ll still want to provide your doctor with your complete medical history. Because, some medical conditions might interfere with your healing process, and hair loss is a known side effect of several specific medications.

To ensure the best result of the hair transplantation operation, inform your doctor about your all medical history, including any prescription or medicine you take regularly.

In conclusion, if you are in good physical health and if you have enough donor hair for the surgery, it might be another sign that you are ready for a hair transplantation journey.


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