There are several mistakes that employees can make when keeping track of crucial business documents and records. It can prove to be extremely time consuming and costly to deal with issues arising out poor documentation or file storage choices.

Common File Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Regardless of your business size, you need to focus on following few best business practices and processes in storing files and documents. This could be a combination of digitalization and actual smart storage systems. You can do various things to avoid facing these problems and here we look at some common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Not Setting document Retention Schedule

It is always problematic to maintain excess records. If you have many documents and files just lying around even after you don’t need them any longer, this treasure trove of information is no more than a significant liability. You must have a retention schedule in place to ensure that you are following best practices and keeping business records required by law.

  1. Keeping All Your Records Onsite

Storing vital records and documents within your business walls can be risky. Most businesses don’t have the security system required to keep sensitive information safe from criminals. Off-site document storage options provide the necessary security to keep your documents safe, while providing the quick access you require.

  1. New Regulations and Laws

With an increasing number of identity theft cases taking place worldwide, local, and federal governments are making necessary alterations to regulations and laws surrounding records and documents. If you keep up with these rules and regulations, you can avoid potential sanctions and fines, by being compliant.

  1. Not Ensuring a Secure Chain of Command

In some instances, physical documentation has to be transported between facilities and location during a storage project or document management process. Its commonplace or managers to believe that their job is complete once the company they hired to pick up the files and documents have done so.

However, what most fail to realize is that many people will handle these documents until the time the project is complete. In these situations, its crucial there be a secure chain of custody until the process ends. It’s something you need to ensure.

  1. Assuming That Regular Document Backup Is Happening

When businesses opt for document management solutions, they believe that the provider is backing up the documents automatically. However, it is crucial that they verify that this backup is actually taking place regularly. If something goes wrong and the backup hasn’t been occurring, as it should, you will lose valuable data.

  1. Utilizing External Storage Devices

Many companies use external storage devices to store data that grows over time and doesn’t fit into their computer’s memory. However, external hard drives, and USB drives can easily be stolen or lost. On the other hand, when you use a cloud management system, you get the required storage and can access it as easily as you would on any external storage device.

If you avoid these five mistakes when storing files, you will be able to keep your data and information safe and secure. It will help to reduce the amount of space these files and documents occupy on your business premises.

You can utilize that freed-up space for something more crucial. Discuss your requirements with experienced professionals that will be able to provide you with the file storage solutions you need. They will discuss your current and potential needs to provide a scalable system that you can expand as required and access easily whenever you need it.