When carrying out a remodeling job you can save a great deal of money in labor costs if you tackle some of the tasks on your own. Despite what you may believe about your own abilities, there are in fact a great many jobs which you can complete yourself, if you follow a guide and give yourself time. In the kitchen for example, you can save money on a professional if you install the units and the sink on your own. No matter if you are installing a large or small kitchen sink, here is how to go about placing the drop-in sink on your own.

Removing The Old Sink

To get started you will need to take out the old kitchen sink. Start by turning off the water at the mains, and then disconnecting the hoses and the taps. Next, take a small knife and cut away the silicon beneath the old sink. Next remove the metal clips from underneath the old sink, which are holding it in place. Finally, and with care, remove the old sink entirely. If there is any pull then you should check what is obstructing the sink and then try again.

Checking The Fit

The next step when installing kitchen sinks is to make sure that the new sink actually fits the gap which has been left. If you have to, modify the hole with a jigsaw or a router.

Attaching The Clips

Make sure that the clips which you find on the bottom of the sink are turned inwards. Once you place the sink in the gap you will need to go underneath the sink and turn the clips outwards so that they hold the sink in place.

Installing The Tap

It is up to you as to whether you want to install the tap before or after the sink is placed. Many people prefer to do this before placing the sink as they have more space to play with.

Installing the Strainer

The strainer should be installed to the underside of the sink before placing it, and this can be done using some plumber’s putty which will hold it in place. Once you have done this you can secure the gaskets to the underside of the sink, which will make attaching drainage hoses far more easy. Many large kitchen sinks have disposal options, and if this is what you have then now is the time to install the mount underneath the sink, this will simply screw into pre-cut holes.

Sealing The Basin

The final step before dropping the sink into the countertop is to add a strip of sealant around the underside of the sink. This will serve to hold the sink in place and keep the fixture from moving.

Drop, Connect and Seal

And finally drop the sink into the hole and move it into place before that bead of silicone dries out. Once the silicon is dry, seal around the basin with translucent silicone, aim to leave a good finish on this seal. Now it is simply time to reconnect the hoses from underneath the sink, turn the water back on and check that everything works. Any leakage will require the tightening of screws and nuts, or an extra layer of seal.

This is a relatively simple job which will save you cash if you do it on your own.