Plumbing forms an integral aspect of any home. When faced with a burst or clogged pipe, you may necessitate professional plumbing services. However, any professional plumber will tell you that prevention works best, hence the need to care for your pipes and drains. Fortunately, there are various ways of doing this.

Check out tips to maintaining your sewer pipes and drains:

  1. Cleaning works magic!

Pipes and drains accumulate dirt over time, blocking the free flow of water and water. It’s advisable to clean the dirt and buildup regularly to ensure a free flow. For excellent results, use an enzyme-based cleaner or a baking soda and vinegar solution.

 Drain it down the drain and rinse with hot water to flush down the gunk. If this doesn’t work, contact a plumber with experience in trenchless pipe repair. They will resolve the issue without a significant impact or harm on your property. For instance, san diego trenchless pipe repair services are less invasive and won’t ruin the landscaping on your property.

  1. Flush right

 Don’t flush baby diapers or wipes in the toilet, no matter the instructions on the pack. Anything apart from waste and tissue paper will clog your toilet and may cost you a lot to unblock. Therefore, check what you flush and avoid flushing leftovers, pet litter, paper towels and many other things that can wreck havoc in your sewer system. Also, acquire a drain guard to prevent you from flushing the wrong things.

  1. Upgrade old pipes 

Well maintained sewer pipes can last for years with no need for replacement. But, it’s advisable to replace old pipes before they get damaged or cause problems in your home. The type of material and manufacturer determine the durability of the pipes. For instance, cast iron drain pipes can last 75 years and more, while brass supply pipes can last 40-70 years.

  1. 4Check the roots!

 Trees will create a conducive environment and are fascinating attractions in any home. However, overgrown roots can cause sewer blockages when they push into your sewer line and pipes. Always trim overgrown trees and bushes; the roots can damage your pipes.

  1. Perform professional inspection

 Even though you may do anything to ensure that your pipes and drains stay in optimal shape, you still need professional services. Have a skilled inspect your sewer line and drains every three years to rule out any issues. The plumbers will inspect and snake hydrojet to get rid of any roots in your pipes.

 When is it best to call a plumber?

A burst sewer pipe can cause water leaks leading to significant damages to your property. The water from the burst sewer pipe can also pose serious health risks. The water contains faecal matter and disease-causing contaminants. Various signs indicate the need for professional plumber services, these include;

  • Odd smells in the home
  • Pooling water in unexpected places
  • Pipe bursts
  • Frozen pipes
  • Slow drains
  • No water or no hot water in the home

 Wrapping up

 How you care for your pipes and drains determine their durability. Follow the mentioned ideas to prolong the life cycle of your pipes and avoid unnecessary clogging in the home. In case of plumbing issues, engage professional plumbers and have your pipes inspected regularly.