One of the fun things about renting or buying a home is that you get to design it however you want.  This is exciting (and maybe even a little bit stressful), because there are so many ways that you can style your home.  Once you make your big purchases, such as your bed, dining room table, and refrigerator, there are still a lot of accessories that you can fill your home with.  One of the options that are available to you are federalist-style demilune tables.

What Are Demilune Tables?

To start, we need to discuss what these tables are.  Demilune tables are semi-circular tables that are designed to be pushed against the wall.  This table belongs to a bigger family of tables which are called console tables.  What makes demilune tables different from console tables, however, is their shape.  Typically, a demilune table has 3 legs; two are located on the side of the table (which go against the wall) and one that is located at the middle of the arc of the circle.

How to Decorate with Demilune Tables

Demilune tables are very versatile.  For instance, you can use them in the entry of your home, your hallways, or even your bedroom.  They are great for displaying beautiful pictures, flowers, or anything else that you want your guests to see.  In addition, most of these tables have a storage area, making them not only beautiful, but useful as well.  There are different styles of demilune tables, ranging from modern to antique.  That being said, federalist-style demilune tables are a great option.

Federalist-Style Demilune Tables

Demilune tables that were inspired by 18th-century design have many interesting details, such as fans, stringing, spade feet, urns, and floral patterns.  As a result, you and anyone who comes to your house can admire the detail that antique demilune tables have.  In order to highlight the antique style of your home, you can pair your table with antique reproduction lighting, mirrors, and other pieces of furniture.

Federalist-style demilune tables are a great addition to any home.  Not only are they beautiful and practical, but their versatility means that you can use them in different areas around the house.