Windows allow in the fresh air from outside and brighten the rooms. The bigger the windows, the better the air quality as stale air leave quickly. Windows are an essential part of interior decor to enhance the aesthetics of the living space. Therefore, it is imperative to choose your window shades thoughtfully to help achieve the desired effect.

Window treatments can be divided into three primary categories, namely;

  • Hard window treatment- these option is made of hard materials such as wood and vinyl. Some of the common examples are shutters, blinds, and shades.
  • Soft window treatments- includes anything made of soft fabric or material such as sheer, drapes, and curtains.
  • Layered window treatment- this window treatment is a combination of hard and soft window treatment. It is the most common option in traditional homes where a sheer goes close to the window and a curtain on the outer part.

 Why invest in window treatments 

Windows are the focal point in any room, be it the kitchen, bedroom, or study. They are also critical in exterior spaces such as the gazebo or porch. They give a panoramic view of the landscape outside. The decision to choose soft or hard window treatment depends on the following factors.

  1. Your need- do you want to enhance the appeal of the room or aim at reducing the glare from outside. It is imperative to know what you want and choose the most appropriate fabric and design.

If you want a decorative effect in the room, you may blend colors, designs, texture, and other stylistic elements. However, if you want to control the draft, you should invest in a window treatment with a thin foam lining to provide the much-needed insulation.

  1. Window size- What are the dimensions of your window? A big window structure would require a sizeable amount of fabric or sheer. It is critical to consider the interior design of a window and the surrounding frame. Also, consider the other covering, pane, and trim design. You should consider all these factors so that your choice blends with the window size.
  1. Budget- Window treatments vary in cost. Motorized blinds may be more expensive than curtains and blinds because they are stylish and convenient. Draw a budget and choose the option that meets your unique need at a reasonable cost. You can shop from various providers to have a variety of window treatments.

Window shades 

  1. Shutters- Window shutters are attractive from the outside and inside the house. They are in the high-end of modern window treatments. They are conspicuous and add value to your property. If you want to look sophisticated and classy, invest in shutter shades.
  1. Roller shades- These are ideal for office and home windows. They are easy to use and allow plenty of sunlight in a room. They open by rolling up the frame and close by rolling downward. Existing roller shades can be updated by installing a mortar for convenience.
  1. Roman shades- This option is a traditional window treatment option. It comes in different styles, designs, and colors to match your needs. Roman shades come in a heavy fabric that adds warmth and insulation and light material that maximizes lighting.

You can use window shades to enhance the value of your property.

Visit a window treatment expert near you and pick the best that suits your needs.