One of the most expensive and pretty finishes in your home is the counters. But choosing the right countertop for your Stoney Creek home or business doesn’t have to be an intimidating job. Armed with the right information, you can confidently select the right material and fit for your home.

Your preference of custom countertops in Stoney Creek, Ontario, will determine the materials you choose, whether marble, granite, or quartz. Other factors that come into play are your lifestyle, the level of maintenance required, and your budget. When you’ve bought a new home, a countertop is one of the finishes that you need to consider.

In this article, we focus on the different types of countertops and how to choose one.

Quartz counters

These require no maintenance, and they offer a non-porous surface. That means you won’t need to seal them. If your family is large, you probably cook a lot of meals. It’s wise to invest in an all-around durable countertop and quartz is the best option. These are not 100% quartz but are made of composite stone engineered from natural quartz and a resin binder. It’s a hard stone, non-porous, and doesn’t need to be resealed. If you’re keen on getting that natural stone-like look for your countertops, quartz won’t disappoint.


Known for its remarkable durability, this natural stone has been the standard for many years now. Granite countertops in Stoney Creek are available in a range of dark and light colours and all sorts of flakes and variations. You can also cut it into various edge choices; ogee, square, beveled, full, and half bullnose. They require minimal maintenance. You only need little soap and water to get granite clean.


A great way of enhancing your chic farmhouse kitchen or even adding some special touch to that modern industrial kitchen is through having a concrete countertop. It has a strikingly bold look and is almost entirely indestructible; it is no wonder that this material is used to make roads and sidewalks. The good thing with concrete countertops is that you can quickly sell them upon cracking.

Tips on choosing the right countertops


Just like the accessories, you have at home and other finishes, every project has a budget. When it comes to a kitchen countertop, you have several options, and on the top on the list is the amount you intend to use. If you want something that’s appealing and durable, then you should be ready to spend a little more. When thinking of the cost, consider the amount you need for installation and the much it would cost you in maintenance.


Whether it’s a commercial kitchen or a new countertop for your home it’s important to test how durable it is. There is no need to install one if after a month you have to replace it. Countertops meant for commercial purposes should be of solid material like concrete. Get some material that can stand heavy materials and heat.

When looking for the right countertop installation specialists in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Rockstella is here to assist you. Get something that’s appealing and perfectly matches your kitchen colours. It should add to your kitchen’s beauty.