A portable toilet refers to a particular type of lightweight, transportable and efficient toilet that can be moved around by a person or with the help of some mechanical equipment like a truck and crane. Nowadays, these toilets have become a typical feature in working environments such as construction sites, outdoor parking areas, or outdoor events (concerts, occasional parties, fairs). Particularly, these are designed for places that do not have direct access to indoor plumbing systems.

A portable toilet system is made of four core elements.

  • Toilet seat.
  • Holding tank.
  • Flushing mechanism.
  • Pressure system.

Now, let’s take a look at the items required for the construction of such toilet facilities.

Materials needed for portable toilets

The assembling process of modern portable toilets is effortless and convenient. Compared to the traditional ones. Besides, it is relatively inexpensive to install a portable toilet if planned appropriately. Some of the crucial components for constructing a portable toilet are as follows.

  • The main component of this portable toilet system is a lightweight sheet plastic. It helps to create the actual toilet unit by forming a contained area.
  • After that, a pump and holding tank is required for the portable sewage facility.
  • Items like screws, nails, bolts, and hinges are common to keep the entire system intact.
  • The significance of a chemical supply container and inlet tube is high in the cabin of that mobile portable toilet facility.

It is recommended to hire a professional sanitary services company to install a modern portable toilet facility in your location. However, the process might appear to be pretty overwhelming during this covid-19 pandemic situation. Therefore, make sure that your chosen company is committed to providing the following safety measurements to prevent the massive outburst of coronavirus.

Specific safety measurements for Covid-19

  • Regular maintenance of the toilets is quite essential, including pumping and washing the entire system.
  • Spray bacterial solutions regularly on everything that might come in touch with the users. Use disinfectants on inside and outside door handles, toilet bowl, toilet paper holder, and soap dispenser. It will keep the viruses away from the surfaces and reduce the chance of contamination as well.
  • The plumbing employees of the company must have proper safety precautions for further operations. They must be equipped with waterproof gloves to do the installation and cleaning activities. Moreover, it would be ideal to keep the bacterial gel in their vehicle so that they can sanitize themselves as soon as they enter the truck.
  • Ask them whether they disinfect all the components, including the equipment and the interiors of their vehicles, after every day work.
  • Make sure to keep a distance of a minimum of 6 feet to avoid further transmission.
  • A proper consultation with the plumbing workers can play a vital role in preventing the covid-19 transmission during the portable toilet installation. It will help them to stay aware of the possible safety precautions and continue working safely.

Get your portable toilet installed by professionals

It would be highly recommended to choose such a portable toilet plumbing company with enough experience in providing sanitary services for a long time. With skilled and proficient workers to do the installation job, you can rest assured of the safety and value for your money. Moreover, they should mention a brief guideline about the safety precautions, equipment, and insurance they take to work safely in this Covid-19 situation.

 Besides, look at the portfolio of the company to find out the reviews of their existing clients, testimonials, and valid certification of the authority. Remember that inexpensive services are not always good. Hence, hire a company that offers complete sanitary services at affordable prices with proper safety precautions.