If you have decided to spruce up your living room but are on a shoestring budget, then wallpapers are the answer to your prayers. They are convenient, affordable and the best part is that you don’t have to commit to it like in the case of choosing a paint colour. For those of you who are worried that the wallpaper will look tacky and will ruin your room aesthetic then you are in for a surprise.

We have handpicked 7 minimalist living room wallpaper ideas that are so chic that people will mistake them for a real wall.

1.Rustic Brick Wallpaper

If the overall aesthetic of your house is classic or industrial, then a rustic brick wallpaper will be a perfect match for your living room. You can either choose red, brown, or white bricks or experiment and go for a worn-out texture with a white paint effect.

  1. Vintage Geometric Wallpaper

A geometric wallpaper is a great choice for people who want subtle walls that can act as a canvas that will draw attention to their furniture pieces. You can opt for light, pastel hues or go monochrome with the patterns and choose a neutral background to further tone down the overall aesthetic of the wall. Remember to pick simple patterns and shapes to ensure that the wall doesn’t appear too cluttered.

  1. Delicate Floral Wallpaper

Who says floral wallpapers must be loud and dramatic? Flowers, trees, leaves are nature motifs that create a zen mood and make you feel in touch with nature. A floral and botanical themed wallpaper can appear minimalistic if done the right way. Choose seamless patterns which are spaced out and go for green, blue, pastels or warm neutral colours for a subdued effect. If you are going for an intricate, dainty floral pattern, try to contrast it with a neutral wall to make it easy on the eye.

  1. Traditional Plaid Wallpaper

Plaid wallpapers are great for people who live in mountain cabins, farmhouses or a mid-century modern inspired home. You can play with colours and decide on the width of the stripes and the space between each stripe according to your taste. Here, you can either go for multi-coloured stripes, two tones or go for simply one tone.

The thing about plaids is that it is a timeless pattern, so you need not worry about your walls ever looking out of date. When it comes to choosing colours, some popular options are red, brown, green, grey, blue, yellow, cream and pink.

  1. Distressed Concrete Wallpaper

For all the people who love the ‘Wabi Sabi’ aesthetic, you must consider installing a distressed concrete living room wallpaper. They look rustic, grunge, realistic and add a shabby-chic element to your house.  You can play with textures with this one and you need not stick to the classic grey walls and can go for dark blue or an ombre blue wall instead. People with vintage furniture pieces should consider this wallpaper as it will help add a mysterious grunge element to their rustic homes.

  1. Gold Marble Wallpaper

Nothing screams luxury like metallic walls. Getting copper or gold walls won’t be considered minimalistic but that is not the case with the gold marble.  A white faux marble texture as a canvas with intriguing abstract gold accents on it is an epitome of luxury minimalism.

  1. Maritime Wallpaper

Maritime wallpapers consist of Nordic, nautical and Mediterranean inspired themes. The hues of blue are known to be calming and serene and hence they serve as a great minimalist option. Along with blue, you can also go for turquoise, teal and other signature shades of blue with a hint of green in it Fish, coral reef, ships, cloud, wind, waves and wheels are some popular motifs to identify a maritime wallpaper.  It’s a perfect choice for vacation homes.

Wallpapers undoubtedly breathe life into your room and lift your spirits. Your wallpaper will reflect your taste, personality and will make an impression on your guests even before you get a chance to speak. So, keep looking for inspirations and pick one that speaks to you. Which of these styles reflects your personality?