Each year brings new hot trends and styles to interior design and this year is no exception. Following a tough couple of years there is a sense of stability that most of us have, and that is resulting in some of us spending a little extra on our own homes. The result of this is an increase in changing fashions in the home, and today we are going to focus on what this means for bathroom style.

Let us take a look then at some of this year’s bathroom trends that you should pay attention to before you start work on your new-look bathroom.

Matte Black Fixtures

For many years the preference for details in the bathroom centered around brass and other antique-style fittings. Things are changing this year and we are seeing the emergence of a much more modern look, with matte black bathroom tapware and other fine details. This gives a simplistic and chic look which can really transform a bathroom.

White Marble

The perfect accompanying material and color to matte black bathroom mixers and details is white marble. This is a slightly more expensive option of course but the result in terms of style is well worth that investment. White marble looks and feels clean and chic, exactly what this year will be all about.

Feature Wall

Wallpaper is used sparingly in the bathroom, mainly because of the damage that humidity can do to most products. There is a broad range of wallpaper that is designed to withstand the moisture in the air, and that is why we are seeing many more people looking to install a feature wall inside the bathroom. Adding paper behind the bathtub really helps to round off this area of the room and gives an added sense of style and color to the space.

Natural Elements

Gone are the robust materials this year, and in come more natural materials to turn your bathroom into an oasis. Bathroom basins sitting on top of carefully designed wooden units and the use of wicker baskets for plants and laundry bins helps to really introduce that spa feel to the bathroom.

Vintage Furniture

Whilst we may not be relying on antique-look bathroom mixers and towel rails, vintage isn’t dead altogether. In fact one of the trends that constantly makes a comeback is vintage furniture, and this year we are once again seeing this as an emerging style choice. This is the ideal option for anyone who is looking to redecorate their bathroom on a budget, as it gives people the chance to buy cheap older furniture and upcycle it. There are some absolute gems that you can find in thrift stores and markets, which will completely transform your bathroom with a unique and stylish twist.

Many of this year’s bathroom trends can also be categorized as timeless classics, which will give you confidence in knowing that they aren’t about to go out of fashion any time soon. Paying attention to these trends will ensure that you get the perfect bathroom for you and your family, that both looks and feels great.