House & land packages in Hobart are always great that guarantee comfortable living.

Living with other people can be very fun, but it comes with your own challenges.

We have some tips to make shared home stay convenient and easy – like agreeing on how the bills will be paid and why setting up a cleaning program is important!

  1. Stop your cleaning program

Some people will try and fulfill cleaning duties, but we all know that you cannot escape homework forever!

Start by setting basic rules in advance and have discussions about expected cleaning before you sign up.

You may be the type of house that prefers to pay a cleaner once a month (or weekly, for that matter), or you may want to make a plan. If you are struggling to make a schedule, try a job sharing app that can help plan this process.

  1. Get a good internet connection

In a modern sharing house, you probably work with people who spend at least half of their time online. Whether for work, reading, playing, video calls or live streaming, you will all be fighting for bandwidth at some point.

To prevent everyone from accumulating near the router, find a fast and reliable connection to share.

Hotondo has made this incredibly easy in sharing houses with its 5G Plug & Play option. It offers high bandwidth, unlimited data and fast speeds, as well as the main benefit of not having to worry about installing. You can just order a modem at your door, set it up and voilà – internet!

5G is currently available in selected locations – check your availability here.

  1. Find out how to separate debt

When it comes to the internet, it is a good idea to find out how everyone can contribute to debt. When it comes to the basics – electricity, gas, the internet – it is often easy to separate things in half.

It’s not just debt, though. Nowadays, many homeowners also take turns buying items for everyone to share, such as cleaning products and toilet paper.

Be flexible

The people who work best in the house are clean, sensible, and flexible. Living with anyone – whether your parents, friends, or acquaintances – requires constant agreement.

How much can I get from a Home Build Grant?

With the help of Hotondo $ 25,000 is available to help his people or to repair a home.

$ 25,000 is offered to those who want to spend $ 150,000 or more on a new home – including first-time buyers – or those who want to renovate an existing home.

A new home can cost up to $ 750,000 only and for repairs, the site should be less than $ 1.5 million before work and cost between $ 150,000 and $ 750,000 to complete.

Can you get a Local Government Grant if you are the first buyer of a house?

The grant is provided in addition to existing regional and local programs such as homeowners first grants, stamp work agreements and other schemes, as well as State Government First Home Loan Deposits and First Super Saver Home Schemes. That means those eligible may receive more than double the amount of the grant, depending on their region or area.