With more than 100 years of expertise, Makita’s electrical tools have a strong reputation for commitment to reliability, performance, and design. Founded by the Japanese beauty, Makita Corporation started in 1915 as a company selling and repairing electric cars. Fast forward a few decades from their inception and were the first company in Japan to produce power plans for home and commercial use.

What Makita’s tools can do for you

A market leader like Makita tools in Australia offers products tailored to the needs of their customers in any activity, large or small. Customer feedback drives its world-class research and is the best way to design even better tools.

Sydney Tools is a trusted dealer in Makita Australia. We treat a wide variety

Makita’s toolkit includes a wide range of standard and wireless screws for the automatic feed, angle mills, tool belts, and more.

One of the biggest and most popular categories for this product is rechargeable batteries. Whether you replace an old battery or buy an extra packet of your Makita power tools kit, we have everything you need.

Cleaning the back yard of the home or renovating the site, a Makita blower will be your best partner when you want to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Makita beats cordless, battery power, and fuel engine oil on any budget.

About Makita

Being a true founder Makita goes even further when it comes to Miter Saws. From your most affordable and basic offer in the Makita M2300G 1500W 255mm (10 “) MT Series Miter Saw to one with lots, which includes the construction of laser precision technology and an additional stand for high durability.

When it comes to wireless power tools, you can’t go beyond the Brushless Combo Kit. The brushless electrochromic motor works well and is very smart in controlling the flow of battery power. A little care means the longevity of your Makita wireless items.

Makita traces its roots back to 1915 when it focused on the sale and repair of cars. Mosaburo Makita started the company in Nagoya City, Japan.

In 1958, Makita released his first power tool — a portable electric airplane. The groove cutter groove arrived later that year before its first circular saw and the electric drill arrived in 1962. In 1985, the Makita Corporation of America opened a production and integration facility in Buford, Georgia.

After the turn of the new millennium, Makita developed its first brushless motor fastening tool for the defense and aerospace industries in 2004. In 2009, Makita became the first brushless effect driver and in 2015, the 18V LXT adopted its 100 compatible devices.

In short, Makita is the owner of Makita. That’s what they are. Makita acquired Dolmar back in 1991, and now they have fully wrapped it up in the Makita brand name.

Makita stock is traded in OTC markets.

Makita vs Dewalt

Makita and DeWalt are both major brands in the electrical equipment industry. It will not be possible in the space we have to compare Makita vs DeWalt in all tool categories, so we will take samples of the most popular categories.

In general, Makita has a reputation for having a step up in quality compared to DeWalt which has a high price tag to keep up with it. However, both brands are considered professional-level tools across the board.

Both products offer a 3-year warranty on its wireless tools, DeWalt adds 90-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year service agreement. They both replaced their batteries for 3 years.