As the temperature begins to rise, it is time to start your outdoor plumbing maintenance preparations. If you take proper care of your outdoor plumbing, it will last longer and you will avoid expensive repair bills. Keep these tips in mind during the year to help make sure your outdoor water system operates smoothly and stays free of costly damage.

Check your outdoor faucet to make sure water flows freely.

Make sure your outdoor faucet is ready to work hard when it is time to water the newly planted seeds or vegetables in your garden. Perform a flow test – just open up the outdoor faucet and see if water comes out. If water is not flowing from your outdoor faucet or if the flow seems different than normal and you suspect a leak, do not hesitate to schedule professional plumbing service.

Keep all your gutters and yard drains clear from dirt and debris.

Little by little, small leaves can cause big problems. Harmful soil, sand, clay, and debris can clog your rain gutters and downspouts over time. This invites roof leaks and water damage to your building. Keeping the gutter system clear from these harmful items ensures that rainwater will be directed away from the foundation of your building.

Consider a sewer line inspection in spring.

Spring is the perfect time to consider a sewer line inspection. As the weather warms, snow and winter slush melt down your drain pipes and sewers. This can bring about drain back up, flooding, and unpleasant odors in your property. If you have never had your sewer lines inspected, this can also be a great opportunity to get them checked out before the season heats up.

Only hire the pros for your commercial plumbing needs

When it comes to complex outdoor plumbing maintenance, do not attempt to do the job on your own. Turn to the professionals for help! Licensed and skilled plumbing contractors have experience with all kinds of issues, from replacing old fixtures to diagnosing leaks and much more. Call today to schedule a free estimate on your residential and commercial plumbing needs!