Having a smelly laundry sink is not something that anyone wishes, but unfortunately there are a number of reasons why this is going to happen, in this room especially. The foul scent from the laundry doesn’t just make the room smell bad, but it can also drift into accompanying rooms, which more often than not means the kitchen. There is little worse than prepping food with a bad smell around, which is why it is important that you take action quickly.

Laundry sinks can smell for a number of reasons, let’s have a look at what the cause could be, and how to resolve it.Lack of Use

The most common issue which we see in laundries when it comes to bad smells is through lack of use. Underneath the laundry sink or occasionally underneath the floor drain is a water train, which helps with the flow of water when the sink is in use. Given that many people don’t use the laundry sink on a daily basis as they would the kitchen sink. The water in the trap eventually disappears and leaves behind scum and scale which eventually starts to smell. If this is the case mix one part vinegar with two parts bicarbonate of soda and put it down the drain. To prevent this in the future try to turn the laundry mixers on at least once every couple of days and let the water run through.

Poor Ventilation

We can’t always avoid terrible smells but good ventilation will mean that you don’t notice them. Sewer gases for example will always exist, but good ventilation will flush them out of the home without you realising. If you are noticing a bad smell in the laundry, check the venting which flow out of your home for blockages.

Washing Machine Drain Line

It is not just laundry sinks which can cause the issue of bad smells, so too can the drain line which is attached to the washing machine. What happens is that little pieces of lint and fabric can clog up this drain line over time, and that is what results in smells which are akin to sewer gas. Even if the drain line is only partially clogged, it can result in bad smells. The best way to clear the hair, fabric and dry soap which has clogged in the line, is to use a plumber’s snake, which will push it all into the more open drain further down the line.

Broken Or Cracked Sewer Line

If you have checked for the above issues and found nothing, it may be that you have a broken or cracked sewer line which is causing you the issues. In order to check and resolve this you will need to bring in a plumber who can carry out a full review of the plumbing around and under the laundry. This can be a big issue and an expensive issue too, which is why taking swift action is best, so that you can fix it before it becomes an even bigger problem.

As soon as you notice a bad smell in the laundry for more than a day or two, you need to make sure that you take action.