The federal style period lasted from 1789 and up to 1823 in American history. There are plenty of highly notablefurniture makers who gave a strong voice to the era through the creation of beautiful designs. Typically, furniture pieces of this era are characterized by quite sharp, even geometric forms. The chairs and the historically-inspired beds had straight legs rather than curved ones. The furniture displayed flat surfaces, but with geometric inlays and contrasting veneers. Furniture pieces also displayed very often federal government symbols carved into them, such as the eagle. One of the most notable examples of Federaliststyle furniture is the oval office grandfather clock- also known as the Seymour tall case clock. The original grandfather clockis in the Oval Office ever since 1975.

Besides the imposing and beautiful historically-inspired beds, mirrors also played an extremely important part of Federalist interior design. Mirrors are not only highly practical, but they are also beautiful décor items. They add visual depth to any room, and they reflect natural light in a beautiful manner. Thereare many styles and shapes of Federalist mirrors available that you can choose from- from smaller hand-held mirrors and up to large sized mirrors that are attached to the wall.

To give your home a more complete Federalist look, you shoulddefinitely add a bed that complements the design of the era. You can find many styles and shapes of beds, and of course you can add the type of mattress that you like the most. From canopy-style beds and up to the pencil post beds or even the octagonal federal style beds, you can select the style that you like the most. There is also the Chippendale style bed that comes with an optional Chester headboard, optional fluted lower posts, and applied astragal moldings. When choosing the bed, you should know that you canalso opt for the finish that you like. Some of the most representative finishes include mahogany wood, cherry wood, tiger male wood finish, flame birch wood, worn & rubbed paint style, walnut wood or even crackle paint styles.