Decorating your home should be the greatest joy in life, but it’s also filled with uncertainty, especially when choosing the furniture, fabrics, and paints. How do you give your space a new look while reflecting on your sense of style? We ask ourselves this question a lot. Remember, this is your home; it should be comfortable and make you happy. With a bit of planning and also following a few steps from professional interior designers, then you are good to go.

As much as you would love to decorate your home thoroughly, remember to work on a budget. To help you get on your feet with your decorating, I will give you a few tips to make your home fabulous without overspending or cleaning your bank accounts.

First, determine your style.

Instead of decorating each room differently, you should think of your perfect style and unify the design concept. This will give your home a harmonious look and feel. Decide which way you want to go. Do you want a formal or casual look? Then you can now decide on one particular style, maybe traditional or modern.

Choose your paint colour

Paint your walls with light and neutral paints. You can choose colours like grey or beige, especially on the first floor, to keep the flow. Keeping neutral will give you greater decorating flexibility and allow you to switch your accessories easily.

If you happen to have other rooms next to each other, you can still work with a neutral colour to make them feel larger.

Choose your furniture

Think of wood-made furniture because it will serve you right and never be outdated. I prefer wood furniture because it’s beautiful, neutral, and warm to the touch. Also, it comes in a wide variety of styles and colours.

Make sure your sofa ‘talks’ to your chair. What do I mean by this? A common mistake people tend to make is pushing all furniture against the wall.

When arranging your furniture in the room, aim for a similar sense of balance.

Hang at least one mirror in each room

Mirrors tend to make the room feel brighter since they bounce the light around it. But hanging them in the wrong spot can be worse than hanging.

Place the mirrors next to the windows, not directly opposite since they bounce the light out of the window.

 You can also incorporate wall arts. The middle of the picture should hang at eye level. Consider scaling, for example, a large wall, go with one giant size of the art, or put a group of smaller pieces. Please do not put pictures too far apart.

Layer your lighting

At least every room should have three kinds of lighting: ambient mostly comes from ceiling fixtures, tasks usually found over the kitchen or reading areas, an accent which is more decorative, highlighting, and artwork.

You can consider putting up a farmhouse wall sconce. We have a large selection of farmhouse wall scones in different, unique, modern, and traditional designs and come in various finishes and colours. They are ideal for wall lighting in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, or any other place you need a fresh dash of style.