Home Cinema Design

If you love nothing more than a movie night in with a giant bucket of popcorn and all the snacks, a home cinema might be the perfect addition to your property. To create the perfect cinematic experience, however, you need to pay attention to certain details. So, here’s what to consider.

The Size and Shape of the Room

Every property is different and a home cinema specialist will help you to choose the best home cinema setup. But before calling in the experts, think carefully about the type of home cinema you want to create. Do you want it to be small and cosy with a chilled, laid back vibe? Or do you want to go all out with a huge cinema screen, full surround sound and tiered seats complete with a drinks holder? The layout of your house will impact your decision, but it’s worth considering the mood you want to create for those fun-filled movie nights. If you’re torn between rooms, note that a rectangular shape works well as it can fit a larger screen and allows for better sound quality than a square room.

The Amount of Light and Windows

Cinemas are dark, so if possible, choose a room with few to no windows. You might also want to consider bricking windows up, if there are too many, or investing in some high-quality blackout blinds that’ll allow you to watch your favourite flicks at any time of the day or night. There’s nothing worse than natural light shining through and spoiling the mood, so cinema room preparation is a must. Another thing you can do is to paint the walls and ceiling black to really create an atmospheric environment. This could perhaps be complemented by some beautiful mood lighting. So, run your ideas by the experts to see what’s possible.

The Sound Quality of a Room

When you go to the cinema, the sound quality is spot on, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the movie. To create the same experience, choose a room with drywalls and carpet as this will help to reduce any distracting echoey noises. Rooms with cement or cement block walls tend to be the most echoey, especially if they have tile or hardwood flooring, so this is something to consider. If you need to make design changes to a room such as carpet installation before the cinema system is put in place, go ahead. It’ll be worth it.

Sound System

Now for the details. Do you want to splash out on full surround sound which can prove costly, or do you want to opt for the cheaper soundbar system that comprises three speakers in one? The former makes it feel like the action is happening all around you and is the perfect choice for serious movie buffs who want to replicate the cinema experience at home as closely as possible. The latter is fine for those who don’t mind a speaker that projects sound towards the audience as if they were in a theatre.

The Screen

It can be tempting to go for the biggest screen possible. But you’ve got to think about the size of your room and what size screen you can watch comfortably. If your room is small and den-like but the screen is super large it can feel like sitting in the front row at the movies which many people don’t like. It may also just look out of place. As a guide, your television screen should ideally fill 40-degrees of your vision for optimal immersion. Television screens tend to have brighter graphics, but you may also want to research projector options for larger rooms.

Experts on home cinema installation in Kent will help you decide exactly how your cinema should be, allowing you to enjoy the very best movie nights.