There is no doubting the impact that a fresh coat of paint can have on a property. Sprucing up dull and dirty walls can make a home look cleaner and have a positive effect on mental health at the same time. But should you pay to have your home painted or could you do it yourself? The experts at Dallas Paints say the benefits of paying to have your interior painting carried out by a professional are many. Here we will discuss just a few of these benefits.

Quick and Efficient

Hiring professionals to paint your home means that it will be carried out quickly and expertly. While you may be able to paint yourself, the reality is that few of us have the time to dedicate to painting an entire home’s interior. For some, the job of painting is an arduous one that will take many weeks or months. In fact, some people may take so long to get around to painting that by the time they finish the final room, the one they started on will need to be painted again! For many then, the interior painting cost of hiring a professional far outweighs the stress of doing the job themselves.

Increases Home Value

A professional interior paint job in a home will increase its value. Paying a contractor to do this work will improve the look of your home and should you wish to sell, it will convey the message to potential buyers that you have taken good care of the property. A well-painted home is likely to sell much quicker and for a higher price than a comparable home with walls that look as though they have not seen a paintbrush in years.

Provides Protection

A professional painter and decorator will know which products to use to protect your walls. This will prevent damage in the future that might be caused by excess moisture, which can be a common problem, particularly in older properties. Regular painting of walls will prevent moisture seeping into the walls, which could cause mold to grow.  As well as preventing mold, the high-quality paint used by professional painters will mean you can go longer between decorating as it will prevent wear and tear from pets or children in the home.

Professional Advice

Contractors can also offer advice regarding styles and popular colors. They will discuss your likes and dislikes with you and can offer advice in terms of coordinating colors to make the most of your individual style and preferences. A professional contractor is likely to have access to a wider range of colors as well and can often mix colors to ensure you get the shade you desire.

Improving Air Quality

If your home has not been painted for some time, it may be that the paints previously used contained VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which can release gasses or vapors into the air. This could cause health problems for those living in the home. These days, paints are made with either zero or low VOCs, meaning they are better for health.

How Much will Interior Painting Cost?

The price you pay for a professional company to paint your home will depend on several factors, such as location and the size of your home. Most contractors will offer personalized quotes based on the information you provide. Nevertheless, while it is more expensive to have a professional paint your home than it would be to paint yourself, the benefits it provides are immense.

The average cost for interior painting tends to be between $1 and $3 per square foot.